30 Characters Challenger: Caine Dorr

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My name is Caine Dorr.  Im a retail center manager by day and storyteller, creator of the PALADIN BRIGADE, by night.

Last year I answered the call of the #30Character challenge that Tyler let loose onto the internet  side by side with #NanoWrimo.  Needless to say, that didn’t go well.  #30Characters won out.

I created APOLLO CITY with 30 characters who reside there (and even a third of a future ebook from the days I managed to participate in both November  events).

I decided to participate again this year to expand and flesh out a new “pulp” style concept I’ve been toying with turning into a ebook, webcomic, or possibly even a podcast (more than likely there will be a little bit of all three in there).   It would most definitely fall into the “Dieselpunk” category and features four “adventure heroes” of different archetypes who live and operate within proximity of each other.

Sometimes the content posted here can take on a life of its own and jump right off the page.  To that end, and because I want to be social with all of you, you can follow/contact me at different places on the internet listed under my secret web alias: BlaqueSaber




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All over the Internet I'm known as BlaqueSaber. Last year my work in the #30Character chalenge was a lot of fun & I'm hoping to have more this year. If you want to contact me, or see what else I'm up to, you can do so at blaquesaber.com

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