30 Characters Challenger: Gary Lister

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Gary ListerHowdy! My name is Gary Lister, graphic designer/illustrator/wiseguy from Jefferson City, Missouri. By day, I work as a Graphic Designer for a printing company; by night, I do freelance art and work on my own webcomic creation – MORGANNA OF THE BORGS. MOTB (for short) is the story of an average down-on-her-luck girl next door who suddenly finds herself the reluctant savior of Earth – the only person on the planet who can stop an inevitable alien invasion! I wear all the production hats — it’s frustrating, exhausting, and a giant challenge — but OHHHH is it FUN!
UPDATE 2011 – For the majority of 2011, MOTB has been on extended hiatus for personal reasons I will not bore you with. Look for MOTB to resume updates after the New Year.

I grew up reading a ton of 80’s Marvel comics and watching Saturday morning cartoons; both were very heavy influences in my art. John Romita, Gil Kane, John Buscema, Jack Kirby are my biggest comic artist influences. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed up comic book superheroes & villains. The first I remember drawing was a hero named Captain Star. I was 10 then so there wasn’t a whole lot to him – he was dressed in red, white & blue with big gold star on his chest, with a big red cape. He had an underground HQ, a fast supercar and a dog sidekick who had the same gold star on his side. I remember thinking how awesome it was to have my own superhero creation — the rest is history. I’ve never stopped creating, imagining or drawing up my Listerart universe.

I first attempted the 30Characters Challenge last year and bombed out about #17. Make no mistake, this challenge is A TON of work (so I found out). This year, I am better prepared and look to make it to the finish line in grand fashion (fingers crossed.) I usually work 100% digitally, drawing everything in Photoshop but I might revert back to paper, pen & ink here and there when it fits the situation.

I wish everyone participating good luck. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN doing this, that’s what it’s all about. I can’t wait to see all of your cool & groovy characters! Here are some samples of what I do. You can see lots more at www.listerart.com; give me a holler on Twitter or Google+ too!   — Gary

Morganna Of The Borgs #2MOTB sampleMOTB Sample 3MOTB sample 2

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