30 Characters Challenger: Ran Brown

| October 25, 2010 | 1 Comment

Hey all! My name is Ran (no, really) Brown, and I’m a Canadian Graphic Designer/Illustrator. Though I’m still relatively unknown, webcomics and I have had a long and colorful history. I got into them in highschool when I decided that just drawing characters for all the stories in my mind wasn’t enough, and launched my very first webcomic, Ransom, on Smack Jeeves in its early days. Unexpectedly, I rocketed to the top of the SJ charts, and managed to sit there for over a year.

Getting to know the community led me to some great opportunities at SJ, and as a result, I was an administrator there for more than a couple years and spoke on a number of webcomics panels at various conventions on their behalf. This led me to meet some interesting people, and made me realize that I’d lost sight of what I’d joined for–making comics, rather than just talking about them. I resigned and took a couple years to sort myself out, and as a result, my husband/writer, Cory Brown, and I launched the webcomic The End last May. We’ve been doing well enough that we’ll be launching a second comic, In Absentia, at the end of January 2011.

When I saw Tyler’s call for participants for the 30 Characters Challenge, I knew that I had to join. With In Absentia launching in January, and the cast of The End about to head off into space, I need to design a colorful cast of characters–human, demon and alien–in a very short amount of time. As opposed to making them up on the spot, when I need them on a page, this challenge poses the perfect opportunity to space it out, and force myself to meet a lot of small deadlines in a row. I’m very, very excited for the challenge to start!

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  1. Caine says:

    I’m glad to see you’ve joined up with us this year. I really like the look of your webcomic: the end. It’s very striking. 🙂

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