30 Characters Challenger: Warren Frantz

| October 26, 2010 | 2 Comments

My fave Deadpool doing the yardwork

Hey! My name is Warren Frantz. I am a school teacher by day, cartoonist by night. I have had a love of drawing cartoons since I was a kid, but just scrounged up the courage to start publishing them about a year ago in a webcomic called “Off Season”. The strip follows the off-ice adventures of Gully Golz  (a hockey goalie) and his friends and family. You can check it out over at www.wevolt.com/Off_Season/ I would eventually like to collect the comics into a book (that way less techie folks like my gramma can actually read my stuff!)

Cartooning isn’t my only love. I’m a huge fan of sports (especially hockey). I have two daughters who are hockey players/ballerinas, a wife who is a nurse and runner. 5km, half-marathon, it doesn’t matter, she runs it. I also have two large dogs who drag me around the local football field every morning. My family is the core of my cartooning inspiration… although memories of college roommates, hockey road trips and golf course antics are always on the tip of the pencil as well. You can expect a lot of my characters to be slanted toward the sports side, but I have always been a big fan of superheros, and I’d like flush out a few more heroes and villains in the sports world.

Gully and Sammy fighting green cancer monsters

Mole Man on the attack!

I tried the 30 Characters Challenge last year, but did not publish on the website. I was successful in completing it, though. There was a lot of learning along with a few duds, but a feeling of pride for finishing the challenge. This year, I plan on sharing the experience with students at my school by running “Cartooning Club” at recesses and have them come up with their own new and exciting characters. I have run the club before in the past and it is a beautiful and positive place to bounce ideas off  peers.

Good luck to everyone involved in the 30 Character Challenge!


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I am the author/illustrator of the hockey webcomic "Off Season". I really discovered my knack for cartooning in an Art Class in Teacher's College. I've been brewing a comic strip in my mind for quite some time, but I've only been posting my work for about a year.

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