30 Characters Challenger: Joey Esposito

| October 28, 2010 | 3 Comments

Hey everyone, my name is Joey, I’m a writer from New England currently shoehorned into Queens, NY. Okay, so technically it’s Long Island, but Queens sounds “better”.

I write comics — no real artistic skill here, so I fear you’ll be reading lengthy character sketches and journal entries from me for the next 30 days! But it’s nice to find something like this that isn’t restricted to artists only! Currently, I’ve got two projects in development, one of which, Roscoe and Alice Find God, can be seen here, and the other which is super-tip-top-secret! For a day job (or… night job, I suppose), I’m the Comics Channel Editor for CraveOnline, covering all things throughout the industry as well as dabbling in other areas. I also freelance for a variety of other sites, covering topics that range from awesome to “making a buck”. During the day, I make videos for an online toy retailer. You know, the American dream. I’m also the drummer of a band called Hounds Basket that your mother would hate.

More importantly, I love ice cream, my cat, dog, girlfriend and fish. The order is up for interpretation. Working as much as I do, I find the creative outlets in my life constantly being pushed to the side in favor of something considerably less exciting. 30 Characters sounded like a stellar opportunity to force myself into creating, so I hope it triggers some mad desperate need to get crackin’.

So here goes nothing, and I can’t wait to see what every pumps out! You can find me on Twitter, or feel free to e-mail me.

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Joey is a writer and hoarder of nerd things from New England, currently living existence outside of New York City. He often attends rhythmic ceremonial rituals and gambles away his hard earned money. Currently he’s working on his first novel while creating comics and developing the social writing website Social Pulp, which will be going live by the end of the year. He also serves as the Comics Channel Editor for the major pop culture website CraveOnline. You can find him on Twitter, or e-mail him a lengthy diatribe voicing your utter disgust.

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  1. Joey, where are you at in Long Island? I’m in Astoria/LIC.

  2. saulone says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next month, Joey!

    Love the dog eating ice cream pic and part of me wants to give a little shove to that cat >:)

  3. Sorry for the delayed replies! Vito, I’m in Floral Park. It’s technically Queens but the physical address is LI. Go figure! I’ve got a lot of friends in Astoria, though.

    Daniel, thanks! And yeah, believe me that’s the first thing I did after taking that picture haha.

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