#1 Baron Blacksoul

| November 1, 2010 | 9 Comments

Here is the first for the month! Drawn & colored in Photoshop; logo created in Illustrator. Don’t have much to add that’s not already in the graphic. Favorite parts are the boots and skull hilt of the sword. All comments & critiques welcome — Enjoy!

Category: Horror, Scifi, Superhero

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  1. Mike Gallagher says:

    i really enjoy all the ‘hidden’ skulls.
    my favorite is the hilt on the sword.
    the mechano part of the head is well done as well. not over designed, but still interesting

  2. KingGolem says:

    Cool, supervillain Prussian baron. The uniform design is great; it’s not too complicated and still looks really fancy. Purple is a wonderful megalomaniac color, too.

  3. very nice! I like all the gold embellishments

  4. JoeCook says:

    Nice one. I love the uniform too. And the fact that such a well dressed villain has a tattered cape means he’s probably not opposed to getting his hands dirty. The sword kicks a$$. Well done.

  5. Jared says:

    Yeah I really dig that sword, man. Nice work!

  6. Listerart says:

    Thanks guys! I thought he turned out really well considering he was mostly made up on-the-fly. 🙂 I was kind of uneasy about the sword, thought he looked a bit too swashbuckler, but I really dug his stance. Glad to see the sword works! Thank you all for your encouraging comments!

  7. saulone says:

    Awesome work, Gary! I like the little touches like the medals and cybernetic do-dads.

  8. Great job, Gary! Kind of jealous because I need villains for my characters, and I should have made a concerted effort to create some. Maybe tomorrow…

    But this is great!

  9. Great looking classic villain!

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