#1 Chondra Flicker

| November 1, 2010 | 28 Comments

221 years old, and in servitude to Princess Lorne, Chondra is the soon to be Queen's messenger, bodyguard, whisperer, and anything else where descretion is of chief import. Chondra is, by birth, 3/4 fae due to an indiscretion by her grandmother - A fact Chondra loathes.

She has lived in court her entire life, and quickly rose in the ranks of whisper/messengers due to an uncanny ability to get into and out of near impenetrable places. Chondra is of the pixie caste; with insect wings, and with the ability to shrink in size. Resourceful, she enjoys a challenge, which her majesty is always willing to provide. She commands respect, admiration, and a touch of fear among those in court.

Though, a loyal subject, like all fae forced to serve the crown, Chondra resents the royalty that have cast her people in roles unbefitting their race and breed.

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Co-creator of RELAUNCH, AZURE for DC Comics, Artist on GRIMM for Dynamite, Marvel storyboarder, illustrator of books and covers, concept artist, creative director... Boxer owner.

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  1. Listerart says:

    Holy crap! Definitely looking for your posts the next 29 days — EXCELLENT! Very interested in how her wings work. Love her face; has an Alan Davis flavor to it.

    • saulone says:

      Thanks Gary 🙂 I appreciate it! I wanted to do something a little different with the wing anatomy and started looking at various insects and how certain wing arrangements functioned. There was one in particular (will have to hunt it down again), that had wings on arm-like appendages which allowed it to pivot and alter direction in a crazy way. Those here are re-imagining – something that would allow her to fold/tuck them in, while keeping them upright and ready to take flight.

  2. Tim Mrozek says:

    Don’t work too hard now Dan. Looks great, wish I had a laptop so I could meet you at the starbucks or the starbucks or the starbucks and work on some entries. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

    • saulone says:

      He he he – defintely! Thanks man 🙂 Most of the peices I’ll be cranking out this year are going to be tradtional, with a small smattering of digital pieces. This first batch are all Ink with minimal PS work.

  3. Wow! Way to start man! Excellent job! Love the inks and the subtle coloring!

  4. Matthew Goodmanson says:

    Fantastic! Huge fan of this. I am ridiculously excited to see the next 29 days. From the costume design to the angle, well thought out all around.

  5. Jared says:

    Can definitely dig this. Way to kick things of.

  6. Jay says:

    Wow, totally beautiful – both the character and the amazing artwork! 🙂

  7. JanineFrederick says:

    Fantastic, as always, Dan! Wow… these are really beautiful!

  8. The wing design is killer Dan, you consistently blow me away with your style.

  9. Bobby Timony says:

    Way to start off strong, Dan. This looks terrific.

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