#1 Frog Man

| November 1, 2010 | 3 Comments


Category: Superhero

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I'm a 37-year old branch manager of a office trailer company. Exciting, isn't it? I love drawing and comics in general but I am in no way professional. I love to doodle and hopefully what I come up with in Novemeber is a step above doodling. I also co-host the DC Noise podcast with Mike Myers. My twitterisms are located at : www.twitter.com/KeithKnudsen

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  1. This is Freddie Watkins. He was born with frog legs. After years of ridicule, he donned his green suit to fight crime! My first attempt with Photoshop and I think from now on, I will just skecth and scan and it should save me some time. I’m happier with my sketches of this character then the finished product 🙁

  2. Well I think he looks awesome! Frog Man. Brilliant!

  3. Thanks! I am excited about this project to see all of the new creations people come up with.

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