Day #1 – Strobe

| November 1, 2010 | 5 Comments

The Light leads Right!


Strobe is a Science based hero, acquiring his powers when his space shuttle, Apollo-X was BOMBARDED by solar radiation during a MASSIVE solar flare storm.  The accident left the imperiled astronaut on the brink of death, but he SURVIVED and found his way back to earth to become one of its most beloved defenders!

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I'm a self-publisher from Columbus, OH(IO). A I'm a hippie at heart and don't own a car. But I do have a Green Lantern ring, a hat and gives hugs for I'm good!

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  1. Tyler James says:

    Nice one, Vic. Feel free to post your image at full size. (That’s what the template was for.)

    • WizWorldInc says:

      I’m pretty new to WordPress and was having trouble with that — but I think I’ve got the hang of it now and tomorrow’s will be full-sized fun — actually, I’m calling it now and tomorrow’s piece is an ode to you, Tyler!!! Thanks for bringing me into the fold!

  2. Betsy Luntao says:

    Nice design, very iconic!

    • WizWorldInc says:

      Thanks Betsy! That’s the feel I’m going for — very Silver Age DC (for the most part) — this character was VERY heavily influenced by Green Lantern, tho the visual may or may not be so clear.

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