#1 Salvadore Price

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Under the pen name Salvadore Price, Richard Greene wrote several horror novels, a few of them were published.  Very few of them made it big.  When the royalty checks stopped coming in, Greene lost his home, what little contact he still kept with his family and finally his health.  He was a man that had hit rock bottom.  The doctors said they didn’t know what was afflicting him and that he probably didn’t have long to live.  But he knew better.  In the darkness of his dingy apartment, his disease was speaking to him.  All diseases need a carrier, a way to spread, and it had chosen him.

Suddenly, Greene’s life was turning around.  His wealth started coming back, then blossomed.  He was a new item in the tabloid eye.  There was certainly something different about him, but no one could place it.  The only thing new, other than his swagger, was the deep red irritation in his left eye.

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