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#1 – Mortalitas

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A dead world's grim reaper.

#2 Jono

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Jono (said like Bono) is a highly intellectual fellow (or at least he fakes it real good). Often mistaken for a Gorilla-la-la, Jono is actually a Chimpanzee with a glandular problem. But shhh, he’s sensitive about it.

Jono is one of Gonzogoose’s best friends and one of his partners. The stoic and wise Jono presents solutions to many of Gonzo’s problems, though most of that sage advice consists of Jono calling Gonzo on his crap and telling him to stop thinking and do!

Fun loving and caring, Jono is there for his fellow man, but he won’t hesitate to tell you like it is, but he does so in a lovable way that you can’t possibly refute.

Jono is a teacher, and a good one at that (send the check to Gonzogoose Productions, Jono), but in his spare time, Jono can be found cruising the internet, watching Dr. What, or playing a widely popular internet and mobile game about plant life fighting the undead!

#2 zombie girl

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#3 The Black Fist

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One of the preexisting conditions I put on myself for the Challenge was, “Minimize the number of characters with colors in their names.” I could put the same condition on animal names, but I’m sure I’ll need a crutch by Entry 17.  At this rate, I’m predicting at least four characters with colors in their names, but let’s not jump ahead…

Black Fist is a re-imagining of a character I created waaay back in 1999 for, if I’m not mistaken, one of the first prototypes of what would be called, “webcomics.” We can argue this at a later date…

Concept: Xavier Exley is the world’s biggest movie star. A multiple award winner, the most sought after actor in the world, and cover boy of a dozen different magazines a week. He influences studios, heads of state, and millions of fans internationally. Think Brad Pitt or George Clooney. If he wanted to, he could probably propagate world peace, but he’s more concerned with world pieces.

Design: This is a lay-up. The best looking movie star in history. With one (fatal) flaw. Exley’s right hand is, by all appearances, dead, with a sort of necrosis that covers his entire hand. It is also the source of his power. Exley’s touch saps life energy at a slow rate, but if he punches you, he absorbs that energy at a greater rate. Don’t fight the Black Fist; you will die!

By the way, that’s not a goatee/beard on his chin…it’s a necktie that’s under his vest (or as Tony Lee would say, “waistcoat.”)

EDIT: Fellow 30 Characters Challenger, Greg Giordano (aka flameape), did the awesome Darwyn-esque version of Black Fist you see above.  He misnamed it, but I think we all know what he meant.  Thanks, Greg!  Check out his entries in the Challenge here!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#2 Tokusatsu

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When a young man finds an “interesting” belt buckle at a flea market, he  soon finds out it’s actually an advanced alien beacon that gives him the powers of the ancient universal enforcer Tokusatsu.  Now it’s up to him to protect the beacon from scheming agents while also using it to save the world from invading monsters!

#2 Rusty (Specimen 384)

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The year is 1942. Nazi scientists have created a virus that revives the dead as zombies! The Allies have managed to fight back! Finding a previously undiscovered genetic anomaly in hamsters that allow them resistance to the virus, allied scientists have a plan of their own. Hamster/man hybrids! Leading the pack is Specimen #384, aka Rusty. With his trusty shotgun Mathilde and hunting knife, he leads his half man, half rodent soldiers into the fight to take on the undead menace! The Nazis have released the strain into the small French town of Mortuaire. It’s up to Rusty and his chirping commandos to stop this village of the dead from becoming a PLANET OF THE DEAD! Battle on Rusty!

#2 Bruno

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Meet Bruno, the stock-holder to a tavern, the first interior scene, from my someday-to-be comic! Since he’s more or less of a minor character, I never got around to fleshing out his design.

Bruno is a stocky guy who likes to use logic and reason. He’s honest, doesn’t kid around much, and yet he’s not the kind of guy who loses his temper very easily. He runs the tavern with his family (Bruno, wife, and son). Usually business runs pretty dry unless it rains (no pun intended). Here’s a picture of his wife being clumsy.

Bruno knows a lot about Randi, one of the protagonists of the story. He knows enough about Randi to know what he gave up to the Keeper of the Keys, as well. Having this knowledge is useful, and it actually creates a bond of trust between them.

Bruno is also the guy who finds Adela, the main character, unconscious in the Azubah Valley. In bringing her back to the tavern she and Randi finally meet.

#2 – Manny

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“You saved my life last night.”

“Wish I hadn’t…” Manny grumbled into his beer.

“You didn’t give me a chance to thank you, not that I ever could.”

“Well don’t mention it, that’s fine for me.”

“Let me buy you a round!  Hey!”  The man waves down the bartender.  “Two cold ones for the hero here!  This man saved my life!”

Manny grits his teeth and downs the rest of his drink.  He slides off the barstool and scoops an arm around his new “friend”, pulling him toward the door.  “Hold those beers, Frank, I’ll be right back.”  he says with a motion of his hand.

The two step out into the cool autumn night.  The small town streets are quiet.  Manny leads the man around the corner of the building and releases him,  giving him a slight nudge towards the wall.  He turns his back to the man and shoves his hands into his jean pockets.  “Listen, kid.  I understand you are grateful.  What I did for you.  But… I… Look.  Just keep your mouth shut about me, ok?”

“I don’t understand… you’re a hero!”

Manny winces at the word.

“I saw what you did.  What you could do!  You’re special, you could… I dunno… save  people!  Save lives!  Change things!”

Manny turns to face the man.  “Oh, just like that?  That simple huh?”

The man shrugs.  “Well… no, not simple, I guess.  But you could, if you wanted to!  I believe that!”

“And if I didn’t?”


“What if I didn’t want all that.  What if… I couldn’t…?”

“But you’re unstoppable… how could you not?”

“I just can’t.”

“But I watched you–“

“I CAN’T!  I just… I can’t live up to that!  I can’t be that perfect hero!  What if I lose, huh?

Hell, WHAT IF I WIN?!  What if I save the day?  What then?  Then I’m famous.  A household name.  Everyone wants my help.  And what if I can’t help them?!”

“No one’s asking you to be perfect…”

“Aren’t they?!  They want a hero!  They EXPECT a hero!  What if I can’t be that hero?  It doesn’t always work the way you saw it.  I can’t WANT to do what I do…  Yet I have this talent.  This gift.  I can’t NOT want it!  I can’t keep it bottled in, to let it rot and eat at me… but I can’t face it.  That… that FEAR that I might win.  That I might rise to the top.  That I might become that great hero…

And that I might fall… I might lose it all because my sick sense of pride or perfection or..or FEAR… decided I couldn’t.

If this world really needs a hero… it can’t be me.  I just don’t deserve it.”

Just a concept I’ve been drumming about.  Sort of inspired by feelings about my work and that slump funk I find myself falling into more and more often these days.  Also just intrigued by the whole “flawed, would-be hero” angle.

Manny is just trying to be the average joe, working as a garbage man and keeping a low profile despite his super human strength and impenetrable skin.  In any other circumstance, this would lead to greatness.  However, Manny is a troubled man, plagued by hesitance and self doubt.  But that’s worked fine for him for the past 39 years.

#2 Fat Djinn

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#1 Morgan

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A young gifted teen trying to muddle through her new life without her mother and deal with the many spirits that demand her attention. A gifted artist she tries to work through her problems and pain with her many mediums of art.

In the beginning of the story she is simply trying to deal with the loss of her mother and watching her family slowly fall apart in front of her. Because of her age, 15, she has a better understanding of what is happening around her and with less apprehension than an adult she quietly solves the mystery of what her mother has become before she tells her.

Watching her father fall into despair is especially difficult for Morgan because she always looked up to him and wanted in so many ways to be like him. After her mother died Morgan realized her father could not raise her baby brother and younger sister alone so on top of her other responsibilities she began caring for her younger sister and brother more like a mother. She feels close to her mother every time she holds her brother remembering the way her mother smiled at her while holding Ryan shortly before she died.

Over the years Morgan has learned how to shut out the spirits when she does not want to deal with them but it is difficult for her gentle soul to refuse them, feeling their pain when they communicate with her. However over the years she has also dealt with angry, hateful spirits who only seem to want to hurt anything around them that notices them. Due to this it has strengthened her tender spirit – putting a steel rod inside of her that can bend and bend but not be broken. The fear can still effect her but not over take her and cause her to freeze unable to defend herself. Since defense is the best offense in her mind most of her abilities lie there. At this point Morgan is not aware what she is capable of or how she came to have her abilities at all, only that when she wants the spirits away from her she can force it if she has to. Other than her family the only friend that knows about her secret is her best friend Brielle that she has known since fist grade.

Like many teens she wishes for a true love that she reads about in novels or sees in moves but is grounded enough to know that kind of love is rare and never anticipates that it would happen to her. She enjoys having boys as friends and easily feels a connection with them but rarely find herself interested in one as more than a friend. Morgan sometimes feels like she already has a boyfriend because of her close friend Melissa’s constant boy trouble that somehow she inevitably ends up involved in.

Morgan struggles to maintain the balance between delving into the mysteries of the supernatural, hanging out with friends, working on her art, and keeping up her grades during her 10th grade year.

#2 – Nietoperz

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A damned watcher of the keep, Nietoperz (polish for bat) has been cursed to eternally keep watch over Castle Malbork after having been caught breaking into the castle in 1358 to steal the kings daughter away.  The daughter and then Aleksy had been madly in love for years, but as is always the case, a peasant can’t marry royalty. One sad night Aleksy was caught breaking into the castle by Alfons the Arch-Mage. He was given the semblence of a bat due to the Arch-Mages sense of irony. A bat is silent as now shall be Aleksy as he serves his eternal punishment. He has been keeping watch ever since that tragic day.

#2 – Nal, the King of Birds

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Ssilirians believe they’re descended from the birds. As a result, they treat all birds as sacred animals. Nal is one of the two sons of Iul, the Sky Father. He is the god of birds, athleticism, festivals, hunting, the arts, and the Ssilirian masculine ideal. He is usually portrayed with crests instead of horns, and is always covered from head to toe brightly colored in the manner of birds common to the area of Ssilir near one of his temples.  Nobody knows what Nal’s true skin color is, but Ssilirians widely believe he introduced the art of body painting to the people.* He is usually depicted with wings and feathered armbands, collars, and anklets.

Every year, the Nalian Games are held at his biggest temple. These are a series of competitions similar to our Olympic Games. Qul, the main character of Planescape: Metamorphosis, competed in these games once. He also presids over arts and craftsmanship, including painting, sculpture, and other handiworks.

* Ssilirians generally do not wear clothes. They live in a tropical climate and have naturally thick skin, so have little need to use clothing for protection against the elements. In lieu of clothing, they use body paint. Their habitat has many plants good for dyes and pigments, so they manufacture hundreds of types of lasting paints. Wealthy Ssilirians often hire dedicated body painters to cover them in a rich tapestry of body paint, similar to how humans might hire a portrait painter or sponsor an artist to paint a ceiling.

#2 – Deedle Van Scoot

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Deedle Van Scoot is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo. He’s a visual arts student at Zoo College of the Arts – the less prestigious school that houses the exclusive best-of-the-best performance and all-arts school Polytechnica.

Deedle constantly finds himself under the pooping bird of trouble. His knack for trouble isn’t due to being mischievous or acting-out. Rather, Deedle has a special talent for sensing where beautiful things are happening or are about to happen. Unfortunately for him these beautiful events also happen to be dangerous events. Whether that’s the best sunset that blinds a swerving bus driver, the most amazing flock of birds about to take-off en-masse that then swoop and attack, a triumphant athletic moment that leads to him getting tackled, or an intense battle of bands wielding powers in The Way of Sound in a powerful spectacle (where it’s just not safe to be standing near in order to finish a drawing or capture a photograph) where crumbling buildings and statues miss him.

One side effect of this is that Deedle is constantly out of cash due to replacing his often-violently-broken art gear.

Deedle has narrowly avoided his own demise more times than he can possibly keep track. To him – this is just bad luck. While the reality of his situation eludes him, Deedle has started to wonder if there’s a pattern to his troubles.

Matters of Deedle aside, I recently shared some of my experience so far with Art Challenge Events such as 30 Characters and 24 Hour Comic Day in my art journal podcast “The Art Geek Zoo Polytechnicast“.


Direct link to the episode MP3 file: Art Challenge Events


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After a freak accident in the recording studio, Miami up-and-coming rapper BOOMBOX now lives up to his name. Laying down devastating beats, he loves his old skool hip hop and means to take back the streets from the GANGSTARS.

#2 Saint Swinefyrd

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Sketched this guy this morning- by this evening, my partner and I have decided to write this as a childrens book. Cool beans.

Saint Swinefyrd is ©2010 Gregory C Giordano and Cheryl Herrick

Day~ 2 Itzel

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Itzel is the last surviving member of her race!  Her people were infected by a disease that turned them crazy and mutated and they went crazy and started killing each other.  In order to stop this they were frozen in time and space, placed in a spot outside of reality, Itzel escaped and as far as it is know, is uninfected.

Itzels species had wings that reflected the night sky, their wings were host to the stars and protected them.  So when her people disappeared so did the the stars.  They were afraid and dispersed to hide amongst the universe seeking new places of shelter!  If the stars join with the wings they will also appear in the night sky once more, because of this she  was commissioned by The Singers (makes up a group randomly) to re collect the stars and mike the sky right again!

Or something like that!

#2 Hopper Heinz

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Oh, boy. School can really do a number on time. Anyways, I would like to briefly introduce Hopper Heinz!

Hopper Heinz runs an growing hotel industry called Flippin’ Inn. Hopper is still in his early 30s and is eagerly hungry to branch further north. Although, his life will forever change with an unfaithful encounter of the future.

#2: Rusty Palmer

| November 2, 2010 | 5 Comments

Hello, all. Back again for day #2. This time, it’s a character from a long form comic that I’ve been working on for about a year. Fun stuff. Enjoy!

The air smelled as it always did when Rusty was around. The feint smell of burnt coffee and the molding filter resting above the pot. Cindy had stopped brewing him fresh pots years ago; he’d come in and sit for hours on end, not taking a sip of his cup until it was just above room temperature. Since the beginning, they hardly spoke more than the obligatory greetings that necessitated the waitress/customer relationship.

Rusty would stumble in the at the same hour every evening, 7 PM, just getting off his shift down at the precinct. He’d wander in, blank faced, almost bored. Most nights Cindy was standing behind the counter, wiping down some mess that Bobby, Slim, or some other regular had left in their place. The jingle bells attached the rickety old door of the diner seemed to have a different ring to them whenever Rusty walked in. Every time, without fail, Cindy would look up at just the right moment to see Detective Rusty Palmer walk through the door frame, removing his jacket and tossing the day’s newspaper on the counter top of his regular booth.

The evening had gone just like every shift before it, for as long as Cindy could remember. Except this time, when she wandered over to Rusty to give him a fresh cup of hours old coffee, something changed. A dimming of the street lamp outside, a pitch change in room tone. Even the static electricity between Cindy’s blouse and skin felt different. Thicker. It wasn’t long before Cindy realized why that was: as she leaned over to deliver Rusty’s new cup of coffee, his eyes weren’t adrift. They weren’t gazing into the ether, pondering whatever it was a loner dreams about. They were locked right on her.

In the split second where their eyes caught one another, Cindy didn’t feel awkward. There was no sense of aggression or mistrust between the two, it was as though after years of minimal conversation a flower had blossomed and their lives were out in the open. Years of silence suddenly giving birth to a genuine friendship. And then, more surprisingly, Rusty spoke.

“Have you read the paper today, Cindy?” he asked.

She hesitated for a moment, still trying to understand why he had chosen this moment to hold a friendly conversation about the news. She felt nervous.

“I… haven’t, no. I don’t typically read the paper unless a customer brings it in and leaves it but the only customer that I ever really see with it is you and you always take it when you leave so–,” was all that came out before Cindy realized that she might be making a fool of herself, rambling on to him like that. Rusty only smiled.

“There’s no point, really,” he replied, rather gently. “Nothing happens in Franklin Row anymore. Pretty frustrating for a cop, you know?”

One of the waitstaff dropped a plate in the kitchen as the shattering porcelain rang throughout the entire diner.

“Cindy, you’ve served me year after year, the same time, the same booth, the same order,” Rusty continued. “Don’t you find it strange that the highest ranking Detective in Franklin Row has nothing better to do with his evenings than sit in a mom and pop diner reading a newspaper that lost its crime section four years ago?”

Rusty stood up slowly, finally taking a sip of his fresh cup of coffee. He rolled the newspaper into a cylinder and handed it to her.

“Read up, sweetheart,” he said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As Cindy stood there stunned, Rusty threw on his jacket and walked out the door, the bells jingling as it slammed shut behind him.

#2 Nathaniel E

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

Not much is known about Nathaniel E. Not even this full last name. It is believed that Nathaniel was a soldier, who was injured by an IED.  He lost his arms in the explosion. The Algernon Corporation donated robotic limbs so that Nathaniel can continue to serve his country. After his tour of duty, Nathaniel showed his gratitude to Algernon by becoming the personal bodyguard to their CEO.

#2 Unglick

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Unglick is an example of the warrior tribe that frequents the western hemisphere of the densely forested planet of Parnassus VI.  He is different from the others, showing a curiousity that is very uncommon amongst his species.

#2 American Dream

| November 2, 2010 | 4 Comments

The modern America: Obesity, Reality Television Stars, Gun Violence. This is a hero that represents the modern America. He’s fat, has his own reality tv cameras, and is obnoxious. Meet the American Dream! Captain America eat your heart out!

#2 Blindspot

| November 2, 2010 | 3 Comments

Dr. Miranda Rickover was a promising young scientist working in advanced materials and technology.  Miranda, however, is set up by a jealous fellow scientist and loses her job; worse, her research data is taken from her.  Distraught and broke, Miranda finds salvation from an unusual place–a secret organization that seeks to expose corporate greed and abuse.  Donning a “stealth suit” of her own design, Miranda now works to bring down a cabal of ruthless tycoons and politicians.  Yet she refuses to kill, instead using a combination of martial arts and a gun that fires strong pulses of light that can make her invisible to the target…literally disappearing into their blind spot, and striking before they can even react.

#2 The Kingmaker

| November 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

Robert Feldman is the most popular, most talked about, most widely loved man in the known world.

“Well isn’t this the bother,” proclaimed Robert. The prickly blades of the fraying rope poke and scratch at his throat like tiny needles as he tightens the perfectly tied noose.

Robert is dressed in a brown tweed suit his father once wore on a date with his mother back in Portland (an evening under the stars complete with crusty bread and a 1968 vintage red), their third. When on that night he had embraced her greedily and kissed her deeply, he had known she was the woman he would marry. After the pair fulfilled the “til death do us part” clause in their wedding vows, the musty suit was left to Robert, and he treasured it. He desired so earnestly to be like his father; loved unconditionally by another.

“Let’s carry on, then,” sighed Robert.

With a flick of a shin and the flash of a brown leather shoe against the fluorescent ceiling lights, Robert kicked out the dusty and skeletal wooden chair from beneath his feet. His previously cappuccino skin transformed into a cadaverous shade of white. His blue irises suddenly surrounded by red arching fingers, ravenously reaching for that central sapphire. Dangling there, jerking about, Robert’s mind wandered to the past.

Robert was known as The Kingmaker throughout the global media. Dubbed as such when but a touch from Robert would grant those tapped with euphoric extra-human capability lasting a full sixty minutes. Exactly was sort of capability was seemingly random and ranged anywhere from a humdrum extra pair of eyes to absolute omniscience.

Robert kept to himself as often as he could, but once word of this endowment spread there were entire countries of people looking to him for religious guidance. For leadership. For fleeting power. Grabbing, scratching, pinching, pushing, poking, punching, kissing, biting — wherever he would travel, someone would be there, looking for that lovely hour they felt so entitled to, without so much as an iota of remorse for the man they were slowly eroding.

He could take it no longer.

Now, dancing about unevenly like a marionette with all but a single string cut, he felt as vast a sadness as he had ever felt. Robert knew even if he were to live out his pitied existence, he’d never be his father, he would never had what he had. There would never be twinkling beacons above a true and passionate display, red with drink and fire. There would always be ulterior motives.

He felt gravity pull him down to the ground as he crumpled to the floor with a dense thud. Confused and grasping for the air he just now forsaken, he opened his eyes and saw them: his maniacal devotees. Robert, we could not let you do this to yourself, we love you they would say with transparent feeling. Not before we touch you, they would think with voracious avarice — just once.


Day 02 GNARL, Tree Spirit

| November 2, 2010 | 12 Comments
Day#02 GNARL, Tree Spirit for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Day#02 GNARL, Tree Spirit

Another Aedre’s Firefly character: GNARL
Gnarl is another of the entities that Aedre meets on her journey. He is young for a tree, but like Aedre, has had to face much suffering: the itch of insect infestations, the painful drilling of the woodpecker and sapsucker, the long dry spells, and more than once, being the tallest on the hill, hit by lightning! But along with Aedre, he is a survivor and more. He has discovered how to send his spirit from tree to tree to see what goes on in the wild world.

His trials and travels have given him much wisdom, though he makes birds nervous (except for woodpeckers and sapsuckers) until they get to know him.

Aedre is a tree-hugger. She loves to feel the rough bark beneath her sensitive fingers; the way it warms to her touch. She can imagine she almost feels a pulse there. She loves the smell of bark and the smell of leaves. Perhaps it was her love of trees that freed Gnarl’s spirit. Perhaps…
Still, aware of her skittishness, Gnarl won’t speak to her until she is ready, but he can still help in invisible ways to make her path smoother than she would make it herself.

#2 – Bookewyrm

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

A “sidekick” to The Academic — BOOKEWYRM. Still piecing together what sort of fantasy/sci-fi realm these characters will live in. While I enjoy the fantasy genre, creating characters and a world for them to play in has been outside of my wheelhouse for many years. Figured this challenge was as good a reason as any to dive back in, head first.

#2 K.Rá Kitabin

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

K.Rá Kitabin • Director

Parade Director and chief recorder of the Grand Parade. Rá, as she is called (though most salute her with her title, First Department Chief), is the busiest, most overworked entity in the World Layers, as she oversees the smooth transition of the Parade. Approvals for Ghost Month possessions pass through her office first, in effect acting as the Chief Operations Officer of the event. She flies to a rage when a Walker who isn’t formally dressed, or hasn’t “shed” properly, joins unchecked.

Inks on drawing paper.

#2 – Xroma of the Marginal Men

| November 2, 2010 | 5 Comments

This is the character that started it all. I’ve played her as Chroma in several online newsgroup-rpgs, and every time the super-team made her the leader after only two days. After a little bit of reconceptualising, she became Xroma (still pronounced Chroma, but spelled like the original Greek word, meaning colour).

Xroma is Sarah Bloemdahl (pronounced somewhat like Bloom-darl, which means “valley of flowers”) from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sarah found out early in her life that she had the power to affect the light-reflecting and light-absorbing properties of exposed surfaces – colours. She kept it a secret, and used it to train herself in the arts.

Unfortunately, the colours she invokes don’t last, so her career as an artist was cut short by a harsh reality-check: nobody wanted paintings that faded after 8 hours. Sarah’s power can be maintained by shere concentration, but this will put her under an extreme strain. Objecte the size of a penny stay coloured for about 8 hours, but the colours fade instantly from a wall, if Sarah diverts her attention to somewhere else.

Sarah found out that she wanted to use her superpower for super-heroism, just because she was special, and specially gifted people should be heroes. Sarah trained herself to become a professional gymnast, and has participated in the Olympic games and various championships for the Netherlands, winning Olympic Bronze a few years ago. She has since started to teach gymnastics in order to pay her bills.

But at night, she dons a white iceskating suit and mirrored glasses, and fights street-level crime in the streets and subway of Amsterdam. Using her powers in unique ways like branding fugitive criminals with a glowing green X, blinding them by turning the outer layer of their eyes (or the tear fluid) black, or entering a camouflage mode, Sarah has earned the respect of the local authorities.

When her existance became public eventually, Sarah realised she needed a name. The letter X is hardly used in the Dutch language, so Sarah picked a fitting name that would make the X her very own. She became Xroma.

Xroma is a very light-hearted heroine, loves physical activities and full contact martial arts. Although fun-loving and cheerful, she is very determined about her heroics.

When she finds out about Blindsight’s quest for fellow heroes, she seeks him out and volunteers, even moves to the US, building up a new school for gymnastics there.

Being a foreigner, Sarah has a few quirks, especially her lousy English. Often, she will mix in Dutch words or entire sentences. Within the “Marginal Men”, Xroma is the field commander, since she is an exerienced combatant and master of improvisation. She’s also the one to cheer everyone up. The fact that underneath her mask she is quite pretty also helps keeping the male members of the team together.

Sarah is secretly in love with Blindsight, who in turn is also fond of her but refuses to admit it because of his constant fear to cause anybody harm. What fascinates Xroma most about Blindsight is his almost complete immunity to her powers. Blindsights x-ray-vision does not perceive colour in a normal way. Since Blindsight keeps the nature of his powers secret, Xroma constantly tries testing her powers on him, which she perceives as “flirting”.

Yesterday: Blindsight
Return tomorrow for Simulacrum

#2 Chana

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

This character is something that not only I created, but my friend Betsy Luntao did as well.  Check out her stuff, it’s worth it.  Anyway, she is the main villain from a world that is dying until a character from our world had come to try and save it.

Gaston de Monfort

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

Black Metallic Vampire

One of seven Crusaders entering a mystirious walled city inhabited by creatures called the Coldine, Gaston and the others inherit the deadly semblence of the metal Hosts. Now 700 years later he must confront his evil destiny and His Metal gold Comrade he once called brother.

One of the Characters I designed  for Writer Richard Macpherson.

The comic project is called DragonBorn .. check out more on the project here -

#2 – Sister Pam

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Day 2 of the 30 Character Challenge

Sister Pam of the Naughty Ninja Nuns

This is another one of the Naughty Ninja Nuns, Sister Pam.  She is the strongest of the women and the friendliest.

#2 Tobias

| November 2, 2010 | 0 Comments

He’s generally happy, and finds joy in the little things. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he’s a real sweety. He has a dark past, but he covers it up with his bright smile.