#2 Charles, Detective of Purgatory City

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Charles fell asleep on the banks of the river Styx, exhausted by the conundrum that had plagued his mind. No dead had come to be ferried. What or who Charles was prior to today didn’t matter now. There were questions that needed answers and Charles was just the person to find them.

That’s how he ended up in Purgatory City, a bustling noir-style cut out of 1920s America. In the city center a monolithic glass sky scraper that none seemed to know about. The dead still come, but they never moved on. Purgatory runs on the hopes, dreams, and anger of those who are not ready to move on.

This is where Charles took on the role of detective. Trying his best to figure out what had happen before while also taking on cases of those who cling to life still. His agency operates in the living and dead worlds. Thanks to a special coin paid to him long ago by a certain arch-angel, he is able to become human. Though when he uses it he enters the world just like any other human does, unclothed and screaming.

Far as Charles is concerned, he is still doing the job he always has, he is just doing it differently now.

(Based off an old story concept I have bouncing around my noggin)

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  1. Julie Leone says:

    The concept is actually kinda intriguing sounding =x living and dead detective tha would be L.A.D.D.!

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