#1 Daitenggu

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大天狗 • The Dread Flutist

Secluded in his drifting mountain, the Daitenggu only comes down for the Grand Parade » Without his music, the portals cannot be coaxed open, the Demons of selected humans will not awaken, and no parade takes place. He is often consulted by the organizers (a handful who know how to contact him in other days of the year) to choose from promising ‘seeds’. He has “blind” eyes, but all of his wing feathers sprout eyes when he starts to play his flute. When an eye opens, a demon seed has been awakened and finds a way to join the Parade.

The people who hear his music shed their human skin and start their Walk. Some do it slowly, thus ‘dying’ slowly, and others drop their skins right then and there.

The Daitenggu’s dread form is a bird with wings that “encompass all four hemispheres.”


NOTES: I’m so thankful this has been a long holiday! I might be a bit late on others as things depend on whether or not I have scanner access, but I keep a Tumblr blog for this project:


I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself, but hello, I’m Kae, ‘kannibal’ on Tumblr, and I’m on here basically because this sounds like an interesting challenge. 🙂

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  1. Jared says:

    Don’t know why this didn’t get much response. I like it a lot. Nice ink work & limited color.

  2. Julie Leone says:

    The wing and hair detail is very kick ass! I cheat with wings and give people as few feathers as possible =x

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