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| November 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

Johonn is a collector, buyer and seller of odd and legendary artifacts. Looking for a brugott’s kidney stone? He’s probably got 3 in the back of his store. The rope that hoisted the main sail on the Crimson Coccyx? Half off until Thursday. Sword hilts made from the fingerbones of the ancient clay warriors of the ancient Southern Sun kingdom? buy 4, get the 5th for free.

He’s probably had every mystical item pass through his bargain bins, and he can recite the history of each one off the cuff if you’d just ask. However, there’s this box… Some guy traded it to him for an armful of maps, but it didn’t come with a key. And this craftsmanship, well… it seems familiar, but new and unique all at the same time…

“Mikhail, lemme tell ya… magic items are all over the place. Heck, you can probably throw a stone in Auburnwood Forest and hit at least 3 things that someone will say are mysterious and ethereal. But just because a basilisk’s scrotum is rare don’t necessarily mean it’s any good.”

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  1. Julie Leone says:

    “But just because a Basilisk’s scrotum is rare don’t necessarily mean it’s any good.” <- best quote Ive seen on this site yet!

    He sounds like a very nice shop keeper! *would buy from him* And the bottom right skull sketch is my favorite!

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