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Zeb G. Goose

Zeb is the little brother of the famous and fabled Gonzogoose! Gonzogoose helped raise the little tyke after Zeb’s father died when he was a kid. The two were very close… until Zeb hit puberty.

Now, Zeb is the bane of Gonzo’s existence! The two couldn’t be more different if they tried. Zeb is the everlasting conundrum that Gonzo can’t for the life of him figure out. But they’re brothers and they love each other and support one another. Well, Gonzo supports. Zeb games.

That’s right, Zeb is a gamer. Online MMORPGs mostly, from Worlds of Warfare to Dingos and Dragons, Zeb spends almost all of his time glued to the computer screen amassing gold or fighting bosses. The rest of the time is used for sleeping and eating and watching Anime.

Zeb has tried to be in bands and tried to be a skateboarder, but games won out over all that useless active crap. It’s much more rewarding getting the precious Sword of Izic, or some other nonsense like that.

Zeb’s close friends call him Zeeby, a name Gonzo is not allowed to utter lest he get popped upside the head with a Dr. Piper soda can, the drink Zeb is most addicted to and downs a dozen of a day. For, like, energy of course, to keep gaming!

Zeb also believes the world will end, not by fire or flood, but by zombie apocalypse. “Oh, it’s gonna happen.”


This is the first supporting character for my (eventual) webcomic strip, aptly titled “Gonzogoose”. It’s a character and name I’m known for across the internet, and the strip will be a humor strip loosely based on my life. This particular character is truly based off my little brother, so it makes perfect sense he’d be the first supporting character I create!

Eventually, the Gonzogoose strip will appear at the retooled www.gonzogoose.com. Currently, the site serves as my lettering and logo design portfolio, but it will be divided into three parts: Gonzogoose Productions, Gonzogoose Design and the Gonzogoose webcomic.

So there you have it, a little extra background on the inspiration of this character and more to come! HONK!

P.S. While I’m here, be sure to check out www.wannabezcomic.com. Updates every Tuesday and Friday! 🙂

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