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After a freak accident in the recording studio, Miami up-and-coming rapper BOOMBOX now lives up to his name. Laying down devastating beats, he loves his old skool hip hop and means to take back the streets from the GANGSTARS.

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  1. Anthony Ferrante says:

    Kangol + Adidas = just right

  2. Bob Learned says:

    That’s really well done… I like the overall effect of the character

  3. Very cool. Great name.


  5. saulone says:

    So glad you didn’t go with “Black Banshee” as the name 😉 Dig this one Matt – Keep em coming!

  6. Gensanova says:

    Very dynamic! Love it!

  7. K says:

    The little gold cassette tape around his neck just kind of made it all WIN. Here’s to oldskool! Good job on this.

  8. K says:

    Sorry, it’s a tiny boom box! My bad~

  9. kevstees says:

    This… This is awesome.

  10. Matt Zolman says:

    Ha! Thanks everyone for the great comments!

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