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Jono (said like Bono) is a highly intellectual fellow (or at least he fakes it real good). Often mistaken for a Gorilla-la-la, Jono is actually a Chimpanzee with a glandular problem. But shhh, he’s sensitive about it.

Jono is one of Gonzogoose’s best friends and one of his partners. The stoic and wise Jono presents solutions to many of Gonzo’s problems, though most of that sage advice consists of Jono calling Gonzo on his crap and telling him to stop thinking and do!

Fun loving and caring, Jono is there for his fellow man, but he won’t hesitate to tell you like it is, but he does so in a lovable way that you can’t possibly refute.

Jono is a teacher, and a good one at that (send the check to Gonzogoose Productions, Jono), but in his spare time, Jono can be found cruising the internet, watching Dr. What, or playing a widely popular internet and mobile game about plant life fighting the undead!

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