#2 Longbranch

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Name: Longbranch
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 22/Male/Arbon
Main Goal: Find out why the Undomans are attacking his people and stop them.
Occupation: Hunter/Savior of the Arbon Race
Motivation: The loss of his village, family, way of life, and also he was ordered to.
Inner Need: Appreciation and respect.
Flaw: Not very bright, rushes into things. Poor deductive reasoning.
Good/Bad Habits: Follows orders and respects his elders, but frequently forgets things.
Secret: Used to steal to buy gifts for his various girlfriends.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Has decent survival knowledge. Owns the Seeds of Willowmane, giving him various plant-related powers.
Quirks: Proudly wears a large brass belt-buckle he won in a wrestling match with a buddy and always brags about it.
Attitude: Grave
Dialogue Style: Uses several long pauses and discourse particles (umm, like, y’know). Very poor vocabulary.
Backstory/Description: Longbranch was born in the forest village of Willowat, one of the many villages of the tribal Arbon people. He was never very bright growing up, frequently forgot things and had a hard time making himself useful. One day, however, pale-skinned men, the Undomans, rose from their kingdom beneath the Forbidden Lake to march north and wage war on the Arbons. Longbranch’s village was struck by a shockingly well-equipped force, and amidst the chaos Longbranch was yanked into a nearby hut by the village chieftain. In desperation, the chieftain entrusted Longbranch with the Seeds of Willowmane, a pair of magical seeds created by the long-dead shaman Willowmane, which grow into a thick tangle of animate vines over the users hands, allowing them to be used to great effect in combat. The chieftain ordered Longbranch to find out why the Arbons were attacking and stop them, and without so much as a goodbye shoved him out the door into the dark forest. Longbranch instinctively fled the carnage of his village and began heading south, towards the Forbidden Lake.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I thought I would actually do a background with this one. Waaaay too much work. I think this shall be the standard amount of effort I will put into my drawings from here on out.

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