#2 – Morgan Ashdown

| November 2, 2010 | 3 Comments

This was a fun opportunity to design Morgan Ashdown, a character from our webcomic In Absentia, which launches at the end of January. Here’s some info on the character that my writer gave me:

The Ashdown family has worked with the Academy’s founders for generations. Among the well-informed, Ashdowns are known to be uncannily long-lived, but the family is secretive enough to avoid close scrutiny. A popular tale, whispered among the students at the Academy, holds that the Ashdowns are actually immortal; a less popular, significantly more hyperbolic rumour claims that they sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for eternal life. Whatever the case, they do, indeed, live extremely long lives, and whenever an Ashdown passes away, it is generally understood that the family takes care of his funeral and burial, and no outside observers are permitted.

As the latest addition to the Ashdown line, and the heir to their secretive, jealously-protected medical and chemical research, Morgan’s studies at the Academy serve a specialized purpose: he is being groomed to serve as a professor there. For his part, the young man is content with his role. He enjoys his work, looks forward to utilising the Academy’s facilities for his research, and plans to spend his scientifically-prolonged life delving into the darkest mysteries of the human body. The fact that he will need to set time aside to teach children about drugs and poisons is a secondary concern, to his mind.

Category: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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  1. Love your style!!! great stuff!

  2. Eric White says:

    I agree with Chris. Very fun style. Clean and full of emotion. Nice work! 🙂

  3. Violet says:

    Gosh, is he adorable! I can’t wait for your comic!

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