#2 Squadron Leader Priscilla Vega

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Lt. Priscilla Vega is the squad leader for Valkyrie Squad 4 in my upcoming webcomic http://www.valkyriesquadron.com.  She leads an all-female team of four specially trained fighters, scientists, and pilots.  Her specialty is weapons and combat strategy.  Going by “Priss” for short, Priscilla is an otherwise good-natured, even toned person.  She likes to have fun, but she doesn’t let her pursuit of good times get in the way of her duties (Most of the time…).  Priscilla does well at keeping her emotions in check and keeping a cool head in a tough situation.

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Category: Drama, Manga, Scifi

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I am the author of the webcomic Valkyrie Squadron (http://www.valkyriesquadron.com) and artist for webcomic Hard Graft (http://hard-graft.net)

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