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Hassan –

Dating back to his rule in the 10th century Persia, Hassan was very cruel and his reputation preceded him with cruelty to anyone who opposed him. He even killed his two sons in order to never let them override his rule before or after his death.

Hassan was secretly killed by an assassin and replaced by a fake. Once in hell, he finds out that his twin brother Sabbat, organized his death and took over his kingdom.

In the 12th century, he was seanced back to life by a magician in order to take vengeance on his untimely death.

Since being cast to the darkness of evil, Hassan has made a pact with the forces of evil to bring chaos to modern civilization. With his return he now possesses incredible strength and some magical powers to cast evil over anyone in his path. One of his new magical powers allows him to become invisible for a short period of time and bring other demons into this world.

Hassan has gained an incredible amount of believers who have sided with him.

Deep down, Hassan is pure evil that can only be matched with the devil.

Category: Fantasy

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Born in the the former USSR, I was quickly transported to New York City at the age of 5 in 1978. Raised in NYC to stand apart and to believe in myself and my talents as an artist. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology. A New Yorker @heart, currently living in the Mid-West.

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  1. KingGolem says:

    Is he supposed to be of a particular nationality? I can’t decide if he’s supposed to be Chinese or Arabic, personally. Nice character, anyway. He’s like a subtler version of an evil sorcerer.

  2. Nice! I like the pose and the expression!

  3. This is awesome! Bravo, Igor!!!

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