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Mr. Indigo- Scourge of crime-lords and science villains in New York City! Using intellect, eastern mystic arts and gold-plated .45’s, he wages war on those whom society cannot. Beware the blue light of justice, fear the cobalt mage- Evil feel the piercing rage…of INDIGO.

First pulp appearance: BLUE LOTUS MYSTERIES, Nov. 1937, Later, MR. INDIGO MYSTERY TALES (comic) 1935.

#3 The Mighty Aphrodite

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Learning to be a better man by becoming a superwoman

Tool accidentally chosen to be the most powerful woman in the galaxy.

#3 Mitch the Mannequin

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Yeah – I know… I’m behind on my characters and it’s only the first week.  That’s because I’ve been packing for a trip and pulling overtime at work AND writing a script for a comic i recently pitched.  So… been busy.  I’ll be posting #4 and #5 as soon as I can, when i have wifi, after the airplane lands.

Anyway – Character #3 is Mitch the Mannequin.  Mitch spends his days and nights hanging out in the men’s department at Macy’s.  He’s an excellent salesman and always knows how to show off the latest fashions.  Even though the bra mannequins in the intimate apparel section find him to be rude arrogant, commenting that it seems like he’s always got a stick up his ass, he’s actually really nice, once you get to know him.  He’s just quiet, that’s all.


#3 Superfriends

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He’s my best friend.

We met at work, a newsroom of a local paper. I was there a few years before he was hired, but we connected straight away. I found a kindred spirit in Kent that I couldn’t find in anyone else. I took pictures. He wrote fluff pieces. Probably the only guy there less intimidating than me. Chubby, awkward, thick-rimmed glasses, he wore clothes two sizes too small and always seemed to vomit out the wrong words at the wrong times. There was one time Percy, our boss, called him into his office fuming with anger. Kent didn’t know what to do, so being the pitiful sack he is … was … , hid in the copy room closet until an hour after the place had closed. I took a little pride in that, no longer being the weakest of the bunch. Sometimes I made him pay for my lunch, pretending I had forgotten my wallet. Just for that rarest burst of superiority.

He pulled the wool over my eyes. Over all of our eyes. He wasn’t a pushover, wasn’t weak like me. Hell, he wasn’t even human. Spent all his time away from the paper floating around, saving grandmothers and punching unpronounceable space-deities into orbit.

That was before. Before all of this happened. Before I pushed this creaky wheelbarrow. Before I collected the arms and the legs and the ears and the pelvises and the half decomposed faces. I was his friend once, but my motives were selfish. I think he knew that. Now, he forces me to tidy up his mess. These chains I wear are heavy and tight. He couldn’t kill his pal, Timmy Nelson. Maybe he wouldn’t kill me.

I wish he would.

It’s that slut Lola’s fault. She broke his heart. Fucked Percy on his pretentiously huge mahogany desk. The son of a bitch can hear a quartz vibrate inside a Breitling in Chicago while doing a crossword on the Moon, you don’t think he’d pay special attention to his woman? She murdered everyone. The catalyst to the end of humanity.

Although the end isn’t coming quickly. He’s toying with us. Earth’s entire population is on edge, waiting for the next outburst. Last time it was Sydney. Tore the heads off of a hundred thousand people in less than thirty-two seconds. Piled them up. Sat at the top. King of the universe.

My best friend.


Day 3~ Shina

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This is Shina!  She is the twin sister to the god who froze Itzels people in time and space.  To make her I had to use

2 Cups of Ho Bag

1/4th a teaspoon of giggles

4 Sticks of CrazyTown

2 Snakes

13 peacocks

and then bake her for ninteen minutes on 9,973,492,348,091,021 degrees!~

Shes also colored incredibly fast so pardon that her shading makes no sense!=x

#3 old man geezer

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A demented orchestra conductor will be second chair no more. With his hypnotic mind control, he plans a symphony of destruction and world domination.

#2 Maiden Ace

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Maiden Ace Female Cyborg Punk Rocker

Maiden Ace is a hot tough female Cyborg Punk/Electro idol singer from the far FAR distant future. From the same Universe as my Roxxorz and Sinthe Lordes and Synthatrix.

#3 Captain Steampunk

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Now I couldn’t go 30 days without making a pirate character. Captain Steampunk commands a giant flying warship in a world of Victorian culture, dinosaurs, wooden robots and alchemy. Picture him as the Han Solo in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist.

#3 – Dark Persona

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Dark Persona

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

This tortured creature is better left alone, walk gingerly through its surroundings and you will escape unharmed; if not, all bets are off. Beware, for it resides within us all.

It is about 7ft tall and a moderately muscular build. It has a bald head with no ears, just holes where the ears should be. It has a very large set of spike shaped teeth that take up the entire lower half of its head, with a set of lips that are altogether too small to cover them, so they are stretched very tightly along the top and bottom edge of the gum line almost to the point of not being there at all. Its nose is very tiny and its eyes very large almond shaped and look as though they don’t miss anything. The torso of this creature is bare with regards to clothing, however, there are several well place hooks running symmetrically down both sides of it’s abdomen with wire running to it’s back where you will find more of the same hooks; the skin is tearing from the pressure, with every movement, there would be intense pain. It also has no nipples or genitals, it is not human, not born, just is. The fingers that you would find on each hand number 4 and are not fingers at all, they are instead long single jointed spikes of different thickness and length. The lower half is covered in a shiny black material, very tight and begins just below its lower abdominal muscles. All along the thigh and calf muscles there are buckled belts, also very tight in extreme bondage. It’s feet are clad in a pair of large steel boots; a very heavy burden to bare. In one hand of the creature, you will find a glove with spikes on the top of the hand and emerging from the palm area there are several cables of barbed wire that extend to the floor with plenty of slack to coil up a bit.

#3 Makktanh

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03 水男

Makktanh • The last island

Makktanh is a small island off the coast of a bustling industrial city. Already regulated by the government as a nature reserve, he has since freed himself of his human obligations and joined the Parade as a sometime-walker, and helps with the organization. Strong currents pass through Makktanh’s undersea channels, and depending on the Parade’s route, offers his  location in the World Layer as a pitstop. During Ghost Month, the waters around his isles become extremely disturbed, and its Walkers can be seen in the reflection off the surface, if the moon is new.

Makktanh is a generally sweet and reliable boy, whose responsibilities since joining the Parade as a pitstop don’t quite reflect in the way he (often too) modestly carries himself. The First Department Chief » in particular regularly adds him in the Parade route.

Older islands and aspects tend to tease Makktanh for his long hair. Hair, on the other hand,  rears its head back aggressively, and sinks several ships in the vicinity.


Inks on drawing paper.

#3 Marcus Gordon

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Marcus Gordon. The “muscle” on Thomas Blake’s team.  Need weapons? He’s your guy.  Need to torture someone to get answers? He’s the man.  He’s the one carry the most artillery and the first to stick his neck out.   He loves movie trivia and pop culture.  He annoys the hell out of his teammates because he always talks to much on missions.

#3 – Wolfgang & Gruncha

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Wolfgang and Gruncha are a new character duo in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo.

Gruncha was the first penguin (albeit an alien penguin) musician to bond with a mystical instrument and at age 124, probably the oldest living being to bond with one as well. He went on to amaze world of Musica with his talents and become a celestial ambassador to the beasts and beings that rely on the mystical instruments as entertainment, weapons, and companionship.

Although his post is that of ambassador, Gruncha can be the most stubborn and inflexible person ever. This is exemplified in the events where Musica became connected to the creative energy of the planet Terra (a tale for another time)… and he willed his own creative heart to leave him yet not die. Over time his creative heart took solid form and named itself Wolfgang.

Wolfgang is as manic as Gruncha is stubborn. When on an upswing Wolfgang can inspire thousands to skip, dance, and play. On the downswing Wolfgang’s harsh actions and biting attitude can make a unicorn mad enough to punch a rainbow and Gruncha almost mad enough to merge together with Wolfgang.

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Order is an ancient law -- OBSERVE IT!


Of the alien race that taught the Romans the value of higher civility, Senturian has come to Earth as an emissary of her people to monitor the progress the human race has made in the centuries since her people shared their principles of order and justice.  Standing a customary 7′, she’s exceptionally strong and agile, with an uncanny ability to sense wrong doing and mayhem!

#3 Haunted Trash Can

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#3 Delilah Dimplethorn

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Because of her involvement with the paranormal, some have come to believe that Delilah Dimplethorn is a witch.  While that’s debatable, it is widely agreed upon that she is certainly bewitching.  And yes, her hair is naturally blue.

Day 3: Turkey Leg Ted

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Turkey Leg Ted is to renaissance fairs as zombies are to the apocalypse.  If you see him coming at you with a piece of meat that’s still attached to the bone, just run.  Don’t point and laugh, or try to take a photo, just kick dirt and haul ass!

I fixed this chap with coloured pencils, which I found today that my scanner doesn’t appreciate any kind of pencil work.  If the pencil lines are too distracting, just squint your eyes, or shut them completely. Your call.

(he’s such a bold fellow, I can’t stop squinting at him!)

#3 Jason Cartwright and Tara Wilcox

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Thirty years ago, Jason Cartwright was seriously injured in a car accident that claimed the life of his fiancee, Tara Wilcox.  Devastated by his loss, Jason spent the next four years traveling, trying to come to terms with his loss.  He even fathered a child, a daughter named Jennifer, with Mariko Yamashita, whom he had met while traveling through California.  However, Jason was plagued by strange dreams and what appeared to be hallucinations.  Fearing that he was losing his sanity, Jason sought help to deal with these events…but he was stunned by the truth.  The accident that nearly claimed his life had in fact triggered his latent psychic abilities, allowing him to see spirits, those who existed between the world of the living and the dead.  Through his ability, he was also reunited with Tara’s spirit.

Today,  Jason travels the world as a medium and ghost hunter.  Despite his age, he is can still hold his own in a fight (although fisticuffs are a last resort for him).  He is not alone–Tara also travels with him.  Their partnership–a human and a ghost–allows them to solve cases of that deal with the spirit world.  And even though she has passed beyond the doorway of life, Tara still loves and cares for Jason, and he has never stopped loving her.

#3 – Citadel

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Question to Avatar

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I have a question to all you guys out there, or anyone who may know the answers.. how do you put an avatar onto your page?? i dont like the drab face.. thanks for the help.


#3 — Deph, Queen of the Jungle

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Deph is the Queen of the Jungle and the creator of animal and plant life on Ssilir. She is the youngest of the gods and delights in exploring the wilderness. Her mother represents agriculture, but Deph presides over the untamed wilds. Ssilirians believe fruit and meat are her gifts to the people, and many celebrations in her honor involve feasts. Most of her temples are located deep in the jungles. She is also sometimes associated with fire because of the use of wood as a fuel source.

She is usually depicted as a green and brown Ssilirian woman (women have smaller beaks and lack crests or horns) whose coloring changes with her surroundings. She is always shown with a companion animal, usually one of the local species around where a given temple stands.

Still getting used to the pencils and markers. I wonder if it actually is any faster than doing it digitally. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to produce perfectly sculpted works, what with school and day jobs and other things. So I am doing the best I can! Any tips anyone has for working with this medium would be greatly appreciated.

#3 Excalibur

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This is a character from my witch story that I have come up with a long time ago.  His name is solely “Excalibur”.  He is a man of mystery really because he really had no mother or father.  They were said that they were from the 1920s trying to take over the world with their magical powers between mortals and witches alike, but when their plans failed they were killed in the battle by the head witch, but he found out that the mother of Excalibur was pregnant with the child so he decided to save the boys life and was actually contained in a “tube” till his birth in 1969.  Raised by the warlock that killed his parents, Excalibur was a bothersome child and gave all sorts of problems to the council but he made friends with a warlock named Ethanial.  Effie, for short, was a horrible warlock and wanted to be more powerful and heard about a secret jewel that would do the thing, but at the last minute he got scared and the jewel went into the blood of Excalibur and he became the most powerful of all warlocks, so he was put into exile along with Effie for considering the idea, but with thoughts he was approved  by God himself and was considered to live his life, but to put his powers to limited, he was chained with cuffs around his legs and arms and was told to have to raise himself as a mortal and would die as one when his time was due.

#3 Gothic

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Daphne Carter aka Gothic was plagued by nightmares all her life.  Her visions of murder, terror and monsters caused her great emotional stress.  She barely ever slept, and grew to be a quiet, introverted girl who was looked upon by her peers as a freak, or a weirdo.  Her grades were never very good, but when they hit bottom, her parents pulled her out of school, and tried to home school her.

One morning, her mother didn’t wake her for “school” and she was suddenly awoken by screaming.  She ran down the hall to the living room, and there in the center of the room were both her parents, lying dead, and covered with blood!  Over them stood a menacing figure wielding a bloody knife.  He turned and glared at her, she stood frozen with sheer terror.  He smiled, and in a horse voice said; “Now girl, it’s YOUR turn girl.”  With that, he dropped the knife and fled from the house, laughing.

Soon she was moved from foster home to foster home until she finally ran away from home and disappeared.  One night, she was walking down a dark alley still thinking about that gruesome scene in her home, and began to cry.  She collapsed near some trash cans and sobbed.  A couple of thugs spotted her and approached her.  Before the could do anything she looked up at them with a soulless glare and screamed for them to go away.  The two men laughed, but soon were overcome by sheer terror, and visions of nightmarish creatures.  The men ran away, and Daphne smiles through her tears, discovering she CAN stand up for herself.  She soon began to discover the lengths of her new found powers, and it dawned on her what the killer had meant by “It’s your turn now.”

Not sure what happened with my picture editing here, but it’s late so it had to go up (tried a bit different style).

#3 Marcus

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Aiden’s husband and father to Morgan, Love and Ryan. He is attempting to hold his family together after the loss of his wife. Marcus desperately wants his wife back and struggles to let her go knowing it is what he must do for the children so that they can have closure but Aiden’s death has been more than Marcus is really able to handle. He in general is a strong man both physically and mentally but the emotional aspect of her death has devastated him almost to the point of not being able to function. If it were not for his children he would have all but given up by now. In the back of his mind he knows his ability to cope with this is very weak and the way he has chosen to cope (drinking) is Not good but he feels he has no choice.

Marcus has lived most of his adult life in complete denial of his heritage and background. He is not ashamed of what he is and certainly not who he is now, but he does not want that part of himself anywhere near his children. Aiden could always accept and understand his strange behavior and did not probe too much to find out the secret she knew that he hid from her. She accepted him as he was and always looked to their future, not his past. He could never put into words how much this meant to him, to think of those memories brought so much pain he could hardly bear to remember that time in his life without her.

Marcus knows that Morgan is very sensitive and can “see” things others do not, this causes him concern to his core knowing where her abilities come from and it scares him what might happen to her in the future. When she was very young with Aiden’s help they guided her to close doors in her mind to help protect her from things that may want to harm her – simply by closing part of herself off. He and Aiden had both agreed this was best to protect their daughter since they were not completely educated in what might try to harm her. Marcus quietly did his own research even though it stirred up the painful memories of his past just to be safe in case things did not go as they had hoped. Aiden being Aiden had an entire locked file cabinet full of information she had found on various things that might try to harm their special daughter.

Marcus was relieved as the years passed and Love seemed to be a perfectly normal little girl hoping his curse would indeed skip a generation and she would lead a normal life. At the moment he is missing the signs that things are amiss due to his grief, his drinking and her acting out in morbid ways. Often he rocks Ryan to sleep thinking of Aiden. Sometimes he can even still smell her in Ryan’s room and feels she is near.

He continues to struggle with his duality hearing the voice inside, angry with his recent choices and urging, forever urging him to look for his dead wife.

#2 Love

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Morgan’s little sister – an adorable lively bundle of energy with extreme anger and violence just below the surface. To anyone not paying attention she seems to be a fairly normal 10 ½ year old girl with her love of unicorns and rainbows. However if someone spent some time with her they would realize how mature she can be at times and recognize her unusual grasp of complicated matters with surprise.

Love has a lot of difficulty, especially after her mother’s death, controlling her rage. Her father assumes this is directly linked to her mother’s death but that is only half of the issue. Love herself has no idea what secretly hides in her genetics making her far more dangerous and powerful than any of her peers. She only knows that when she gets angry she is very fast and strong and fights against the urge to tear a chunk of flesh from her enemy at the time. Often she feels the urge to be outside running and playing in the nearby forest, feeling most at home there and now that her mother is gone she has to remind herself to go home to her family.

Love feels extremely sad that her mother is gone and misses her everyday and often falls asleep crying wishing she would come back to life and be with her again. She loves her father but was especially close to her mother and feels lost without her, almost like a twin would feel if separated from the other. Love truly believes that no one except her mother understood and accepted her completely, even knowing her dark tendencies.

Love adores her sister and wants so much to be more like her even though a part of her understands this could never happen. Morgan is a healer and caretaker – Love is a fighter. The strength of her own will sometimes scares even her and without her mother to help guide her she is not sure what will happen to her now. Love finds that she thinks about things like that at night after her father has tucked her in and left the room, she sometimes wonders if he stayed longer maybe she would not think about things like that. She knows it is hard for her father to look at her now because she and her mother looked so much alike and her face reminds him. Because of this she tries to distance herself from her father not waiting to cause him more pain but this only makes her feel more alone.

Sometimes she gets mad at her little brother Ryan because she blames him for her mother’s death, even though the two are not related. In her mind her mother would not have been working late that night if it wasn’t for him and her mother not wanting him in daycare. The only reason Love has not acted out against him is because she fears what trouble she would get into and because she does not want to upset her dad or Morgan.

In an effort to keep Love out of trouble, her father placed her in anger management with the guidance counselor. Love learned very quickly what she should or should not say and is teaching herself how to internalize her feelings so that they will not cause more problems, not understanding what that will eventually do to her. Recently she has begun to act out more in macabre ways then anger, drawing more concern from Morgan and her father, though not realizing it yet.

#3 Slave Monitor of Rylon

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The Slave Monitors of Rylon oversee the continued production of the frameworks that evidently become the starships owned by the merciless rulers of the Rylon sytem.  They are a mystery as no one has ever seen their face.  They seem to be breathing a artifical atmosphere under their masks and rumors abound as to their origins.  Slaves believe they are former brethern that were ‘transformed’ into these mindless lackeys.  Whatever their past, the Slave Monitors follow the orders of their masters and never falter in their ruthlessness.

#3 – Elyee, A Water Elemental

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Just as the title says. Not much more I can add.

#3 The Jade Monk

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The Stone Giant now known only as The Jade Monk found enlightenment and peace after he left his monastery. After years of traveling the planes, he returns to his former monastery only to find it in ruins and all the monks dead, including his former master.  Knowing their deaths must be avenged, he sets off in search of the perpetrator. His mercenary nephew might have some idea who did this and thus, he heads off into the forests of the south.

Would have liked to put more detail into this, but to quote the great Jack Bauer, “I’m running out of time!”

#3 Naomi Lou

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Lou, is a full out tom-boy , no skirts, no dresses. She’s rather quiet, but is a loyal as a dog to her friends. And her boy friend turns out to be, more than she bargained for. By his fault she is plunged into a whole new world, where danger lurks around every corner.

#3 CL-B “Ash” ra’Shuli

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CL-B "Ash" ra'Shuli

“Your jacket, ma’am!”

I should clarify a few things here. Nanneyo is the Dubina girl I made yesterday. Khashirri is a traditional Dubina holiday that serves much the same function as Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa. CL-B means Class B, which is a Biot of the “slender” model. Look here for more information about the Biots, Dubina, and other species in the Race canon.

#03 Leroy

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DISASTER! It's the end of the world as we know it!

Leroy, esteemed newspaper salesman. He reads about so much bad news in the papers he sells, that he’s become quite paranoid.