#3 – Dark Persona

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Dark Persona

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

This tortured creature is better left alone, walk gingerly through its surroundings and you will escape unharmed; if not, all bets are off. Beware, for it resides within us all.

It is about 7ft tall and a moderately muscular build. It has a bald head with no ears, just holes where the ears should be. It has a very large set of spike shaped teeth that take up the entire lower half of its head, with a set of lips that are altogether too small to cover them, so they are stretched very tightly along the top and bottom edge of the gum line almost to the point of not being there at all. Its nose is very tiny and its eyes very large almond shaped and look as though they don’t miss anything. The torso of this creature is bare with regards to clothing, however, there are several well place hooks running symmetrically down both sides of it’s abdomen with wire running to it’s back where you will find more of the same hooks; the skin is tearing from the pressure, with every movement, there would be intense pain. It also has no nipples or genitals, it is not human, not born, just is. The fingers that you would find on each hand number 4 and are not fingers at all, they are instead long single jointed spikes of different thickness and length. The lower half is covered in a shiny black material, very tight and begins just below its lower abdominal muscles. All along the thigh and calf muscles there are buckled belts, also very tight in extreme bondage. It’s feet are clad in a pair of large steel boots; a very heavy burden to bare. In one hand of the creature, you will find a glove with spikes on the top of the hand and emerging from the palm area there are several cables of barbed wire that extend to the floor with plenty of slack to coil up a bit.

Category: Horror

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  1. Matt Zolman says:

    Love the use of blacks to set the ominous mood!

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