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Daphne Carter aka Gothic was plagued by nightmares all her life.  Her visions of murder, terror and monsters caused her great emotional stress.  She barely ever slept, and grew to be a quiet, introverted girl who was looked upon by her peers as a freak, or a weirdo.  Her grades were never very good, but when they hit bottom, her parents pulled her out of school, and tried to home school her.

One morning, her mother didn’t wake her for “school” and she was suddenly awoken by screaming.  She ran down the hall to the living room, and there in the center of the room were both her parents, lying dead, and covered with blood!  Over them stood a menacing figure wielding a bloody knife.  He turned and glared at her, she stood frozen with sheer terror.  He smiled, and in a horse voice said; “Now girl, it’s YOUR turn girl.”  With that, he dropped the knife and fled from the house, laughing.

Soon she was moved from foster home to foster home until she finally ran away from home and disappeared.  One night, she was walking down a dark alley still thinking about that gruesome scene in her home, and began to cry.  She collapsed near some trash cans and sobbed.  A couple of thugs spotted her and approached her.  Before the could do anything she looked up at them with a soulless glare and screamed for them to go away.  The two men laughed, but soon were overcome by sheer terror, and visions of nightmarish creatures.  The men ran away, and Daphne smiles through her tears, discovering she CAN stand up for herself.  She soon began to discover the lengths of her new found powers, and it dawned on her what the killer had meant by “It’s your turn now.”

Not sure what happened with my picture editing here, but it’s late so it had to go up (tried a bit different style).

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I am ....hmmmm... married (13 years now), been an artist for, well, as long as i can remember. I published (self through Lulu.com) a graphic novel called Beautiful Tragedy last year/early this year, currently half way through volume 2. It's based on my life's experiences, and the types of things people like me go through every day.

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  1. rrsaga says:

    That’s an awesome character. I love the story and the art.

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