#3 Gregory – The Stitchworked

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“You’re not the only one. We’ll be here, chosen just like you. A stitchworked-gang.”

Gregory is not what he appears to be.

He died only a few months prior, his body was beyond repair of modern medicine. He’s not sure how he died, but he does remember being dead. For some reason Gregory’s soul would not move on and clung to his decaying carcass. He was surprised when spider limbed women appeared and started to stitch his flesh back together. So excited at the prospect of life he tried to reenter is body but they cut his soul free. Enraged, he refused to let go. Grabbing the thread that would bring his body back together he pulled himself back inside.

The Sisters of the Stitch were very surprised that the newly created Husk had a life of its own. They were also none to happy.

Gregory has since gone out and stopped several other Husk creations, forming a gang of stitchworked misfits. He says he is chosen, they are chosen. His purpose is unclear, but he continues to be a pain in Joshua’s side.

Gregory is part of the Stitchwork Universe, a story I started to develop during last year’s challenge. This story went on to win cover feature of the Mysterious Vision’s anthology over at Small Press Idol with the help of my collaborator Silvina Rinaldi and editor Amanda Orneck. For more details stop by and check it out.


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