#3 Jeffery Caldwell

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Name: Jeffery Caldwell
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 27/Male/White
Main Goal: Get a home somewhere safe and far away from Custwood.
Occupation: Tinker/Gunsmith/Binder of Demons
Motivation: Survival, making ends meet.
Inner Need: Safety, security, and acceptance.
Flaw: Cowardice, meekness, slightly impulsive.
Good/Bad Habits: Is very neat and orderly, is very patient and has good manners. Too submissive, somewhat withdrawn.
Secret: Desperately wants a wife and family of his own, but is too scared to talk to women.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Highly skilled in crafting mechanical devices and powering them with bound demons. College education. Good shot with a wheel gun.
Quirks: Makes sure his wheel-gun and spectacles are either on him or within arms reach at all times.
Attitude: Shy, slightly gloomy
Dialogue Style: Stutters occasionally, speaks quickly and uses several impressive vocabulary words.
Backstory/Description: Jeffery Caldwell was too young to remember when his father Graham brought him to live in the town of Brilim deep in the heart of Custwood, the haunted province. Jeffery grew up working in his father’s inn and tavern being pushed around by drunken patrons and steeped in all the tales of vicious monsters that haunted the forest at night, stories that were horribly true. When Jeffery reached adulthood, his father sent him to the city to study engineering and demon-binding at a university, since it was the most lucrative profession and there were plenty of demons in the woods. Jeffery learned well, and when he came back he made a workshop of his room and crafts various weapons and tools to sell to support the inn. The use of bound demons, however, requires that he replenish his supply from time to time, which means venturing out into the woods at night, which he logically dreads. He crafted his own demon-powered wheel gun, a weapon that fires large metal projectiles, as a means of defending himself when he ventures into the woods twice a month.

Well, this picture was interesting… Sort of an experiment with lighting and very poorly lit environments. I think it turned out pretty well, considering I have never attempted anything of the sort. Anyway, what really interests me is the world this guy lives in. I imagine it as sort of a mish-mash of the Wild West, your standard fantasy setting, a little modern, and a little colonial times. Very interesting combination. I’ll do at least one character in this setting.

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