#3 Marna Valasquez, PhD

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Marna Valasquez is one of the staff scientists in the Solar Lab at the University of Portsburg Academy of Science and Technology.  A native of Cuba, she immigrated to this country with her family in her early teens.  Her father found work first as a day laborer, then in construction and later he opened a diner called “El Cubano” in the trendy waterfront precinct of Portsburg.  Marna’s parents instilled an almost robot-like work ethic in her but it has all, so far, payed off. Through years of incredibly hard work she earned herself a scholarship to college, then graduate school.  She attained her PhD from uPAST in 1985 and went straight to work for Dr. Hannes in the Solar Lab.  Marna wrote her thesis on the effect of quantum particles on light rays and now continues to study that in the lab.

Marna projects a very rigid external image. Most people in the lab would rather spend time with one of the hideous biological experiments in the uPAST “Earths” labs then try to have a conversation with Marna.  She’s known, to some, as the hottest Cuban ice queen ever born.  But she’s makes no apologies and pulls no punches…with anyone or any thing.

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