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A demented orchestra conductor will be second chair no more. With his hypnotic mind control, he plans a symphony of destruction and world domination.

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  1. I like how he kind of fits with Boombox…sonic characters! Awesome!

  2. Bob Learned says:

    Maestro would be the traditional spelling… Is Mistro his last name or something. Love the art especially the zombified victims.

  3. Matt Zolman says:

    Good call Bob! Too tired and lazy to confirm the spelling. Thanks!

    Thanks Vito! I’m coming up with a theme and not trying! Ha!

    • atombat says:

      Great idea, the funny thing is that you will probably be able to copyright the Mistro name rather than Maestro, being distinctly different, like Sony did with “Blu” Ray.

  4. Amanda Rachels says:

    Lol, love the idea and the style. Great stuff 🙂

  5. Anthony Ferrante says:

    The details on your stuff is what makes it special… the adidas/kangol on Boombox and the skull on Maestro’s bow tie.

  6. Gensanova says:

    There is nothing I don’t love about this. Fantastic!

  7. Matt Zolman says:

    Thanks everyone for all the kind comments!

  8. Tyler James says:

    Freaking brilliant! Absolutely love it.

  9. Brant says:

    Love this one, classic “better than you” villain. The hi-tech flying podium, the smug look, the design… it’s all top notch, man.

    Funny thing, I created a character called The Maestro years ago, but he was nowhere near as cool or well conceived as what you’ve done here. lol

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