#3 Skunk

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Villainous bandit, moldy rascal, wretched thief, rump-fed miscreant, roguish, dizzy-eyed malcontent…this brutish oaf has been called all these things, but answers only to Skunk.

Why Skunk, you ask?  Stand down wind of him for more than a spell and you’ll find out.  If flatulence were sport, his name would be legend.

As it stands, he’s a man you don’t want to cross.  In the employ of Gulliver, a man who carries himself as a charming old ring master of a traveling circus, he is really the head of the largest criminal syndicate of thieves, kidnappers, and assassins in the Four Kingdoms.

Skunk is a character who will soon be making an appearance in Tears of the Dragon, my fantasy webcomic.  Koko Amboro does a great job with character designs and will probably give Skunk a nice makeover, but I wanted to give him something to work with.

Check out Tears of the Dragon online here, or snag a copy for your iPhone or iPad.

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