#3 The Jade Monk

| November 3, 2010 | 7 Comments

The Stone Giant now known only as The Jade Monk found enlightenment and peace after he left his monastery. After years of traveling the planes, he returns to his former monastery only to find it in ruins and all the monks dead, including his former master.  Knowing their deaths must be avenged, he sets off in search of the perpetrator. His mercenary nephew might have some idea who did this and thus, he heads off into the forests of the south.

Would have liked to put more detail into this, but to quote the great Jack Bauer, “I’m running out of time!”

Category: Fantasy

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34 year old video game concept artist. live in Halifax NS with his beautiful wife, and his tiny despotic (but cute) 4 year old son. Freelancin' it up in freelance town.

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  1. Bobby Timony says:

    This guy looks cool.

  2. Great image! I love your use of blacks.

  3. That is almost creepy, seeing a guy made of Jade.

  4. Koko Sou says:

    awesome drawing

  5. Eric White says:

    That’s fantastic!! Killer drawing! Great render!! Very interesting story.

    Great work!

  6. Gensanova says:

    Thanks everybody. He was fun to do, even if he was a little rushed.

  7. Gregory says:

    I wonder if the monastery is the same one that I’m thinking of? What a titanic battle that would be…

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