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#3 crowN

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“Evil? I prefer chaotic-neutral.”

I’m a bit disappointed about how this came out. To be honest, I do like the first sketch better. Especially his eyes. And I fail at drawing birds

I had a few technically problems like a break down of the drawingprogramm. Of course at an almost finish.

But, well… this charming guy is crowN, an admin of “Königreich der Welten”.

He is able to turn into a crow and this way he is able to observe gamers without being noticed by them. He meets Martina this way and he asks her to become also an admin but she refuses.

crowN is no evil character, but he enjoys his power.

His outfit is based on a special crow, the hooded crow (corvus corone cornix). His skin is white.

The nickname crwoN represents on the one hand his ability to turn into a crow on the other hand the typically headdress of the admins.

He has caused me a lot of trouble but I like him.

Have a nice day,

Ciao, till tomorrow

#3 Marna Valasquez, PhD

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Marna Valasquez is one of the staff scientists in the Solar Lab at the University of Portsburg Academy of Science and Technology.  A native of Cuba, she immigrated to this country with her family in her early teens.  Her father found work first as a day laborer, then in construction and later he opened a diner called “El Cubano” in the trendy waterfront precinct of Portsburg.  Marna’s parents instilled an almost robot-like work ethic in her but it has all, so far, payed off. Through years of incredibly hard work she earned herself a scholarship to college, then graduate school.  She attained her PhD from uPAST in 1985 and went straight to work for Dr. Hannes in the Solar Lab.  Marna wrote her thesis on the effect of quantum particles on light rays and now continues to study that in the lab.

Marna projects a very rigid external image. Most people in the lab would rather spend time with one of the hideous biological experiments in the uPAST “Earths” labs then try to have a conversation with Marna.  She’s known, to some, as the hottest Cuban ice queen ever born.  But she’s makes no apologies and pulls no punches…with anyone or any thing.

#3 Mama Goose

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Mama Goose

Mama Goose is the mother of Gonzo and Zeb. A single parent, she was tough on the kids playing both mother and father. Oddly she played more of the father role with Gonzo and more of the mother role with Zeb, which could account for their differences. Regardless, Mama loves her kids with all her heart, even if they get on her last fraying nerve!

The boys respect and love their mama, but the three don’t always see eye-to-eye, and sometimes that causes… friction. But it’s all good, love conquers all… right?

Mama, in her earlier days, was a model, a dancer, a singer and an artist. She was popular and never wanting for a date. Sweet, ladylike, but strong and outspoken, Mama is a force to be reckoned with and a woman you want on your side. Compassionate and giving to a fault, Mama’s a good person, and both Gonzo and Zeb, as much as they hate to admit it and strongly deny it, are both Mama’s boys.

#3 Hendrick

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Hendrick is a 20 year old archer. Hendrick is very accurate and smart. He won many competitions throughout his youth. At the age of 16 he meet a new friend nickname “Lucky Devil”. The situations Hendrick goes through with Lucky Devil are unusual. The strangest situation was 4 years later when Lucky Devil took him to the Himalayas to meet Sasquatch. There he wasn’t being tested on accuracy but survival. Afterward, Hendrick and Lucky Devil headed back to town. Heavy fog fell upon both of them. An unknown force knocked them both out. Hendrick later finds himself on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The boat is set on autopilot to a destination where no human could survive.

#3 – Mackenzie

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Not sure I’ll ever use this character for anything. I really wanted to draw a normal looking chick not related to anything I’m currently working on. Also, freckles rule.

#2 Aesthone, the Ice Queen

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For a fantasy novel project.  See the full view here.

The queen is up-tight and overmoralistic. She’s covered head to toe in clothing, very conservative. She looks down on merry making and joviality.

In her younger days, she was open and light-hearted, and genuinely cared for her subjects. But then something happened, and it all changed….

#3: Linda McKibben

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My entry #3 is Linda McKibben, wife to yesterday’s entry, Rusty Palmer. Yes, she kept her own name. Enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated!

Rusty —

I apologize for the rather dramatic display you’ve probably just stumbled into. Hanging is melodramatic, I know, but maybe it’ll be enough to jump start your life again.

Please, don’t take my leaving as any sort of fault of your own. In fact, I’ve had the thought of doing it myself before we even got married. It’s hard for people to realize that I accomplished all of the goals I established for myself before I was 30. There was a satisfaction to that, sure, but then what? What’s left? New goals would seem logical, but when your town is utopian and you lose your biggest accomplishment has become moot, what have you got?

For these last few years, I’ve watched you clock out and go and sit in that diner on 5th. And for these last few years, you’ve asked me, night after night, to join you. But I never have. Instead, I’ve wandered the streets, waiting for something to just jump out at me. Attack me, frighten me, rob me, anything. Nothing ever changes, and I wind up safe and sound in our bed. I haven’t unholstered my weapon in five years.

When I left Indiana I felt like I was walking towards the horizon that I always thought was out of my reach. Coming to this town, ranking hard and fast in the FPD… I wasn’t the ambitious little nerd from podunk anymore. I was respected for my drive, willpower, and ability. My intellect. You see these movies about mentally challenged kids that these Hollywood clowns win Oscars for, but no one bothers to show the struggle of the smart kids? More specifically, a smart kid with tits?

Ever since this place cleaned up, I’ve lost all of that. The rooks don’t come to me with questions anymore. There’s no murders to solve or suspects to question. I feel like I’m all grown up but I’m back in podunk on the porch at my step-father’s house. Waiting, dreaming.

Well, I’ve finally found that next horizon. The next big challenge to tackle. Because guess what, Rusty? Whether you’ll accept it or not, something has happened to this place. I’ve covered every inch of this city for years in search of an answer. The only logical conclusion I can come to is that I — we — did our job.  We succeeded. But when Columbus “found” the Americas, what did he do? He destroyed what was already there.

I love you, Rusty. I hope you can find your next purpose, just as I’ve found mine.


#3 Ballerina

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Just an ordinary girl who dreamed of big things.

She believed in following your dreams and taking life to the fullest no matter what obstacle laid ahead for her.

#3 Dirty Bomb

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Its a safe bet that this guy is on a few “No Fly” lists.

So, I got a new Wacom yesterday, and I took it on a test drive with this piece. This is one of the first all digital drawings I’ve ever done. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make the switch to total digital, (the lack of original art is a bit unsettling to me) but it was a fun experiment.

#3 – Pigskin Hogschomp

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This little critter has an unusual shape, however has the ability to fly gracefully through the air. Pigskin possesses an unpredictable ground attack if dropped or left to bounce. He has a gnarly bite, which can cause a receiver to drop him instantly. Having a distinct dislike for Northern United States zoo animals, it is no wonder the Detroit Lions have yet to win a Super Bowl.

#3 The Lost One

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Karnath shivered uncontrollably in the dark.

 The Avengers had told of the terrifying berserks- the oppoenents eternal, the Northmen from the mountains of Gunt. As his band had surrounded the caverns where the last of the Guntmen had been encamped, the sun was still a memory on the horizon, and spirits had run high. 

There were three score warriors sworn to  the Avengers, and a dozen Avengers stood among them, bearing the silver breastplates of the Fallen Legion- a proud and emboldening symbol.  Karnath stood taller as the knights passed the ranks.

Of the filthy Guntmen there was no sign- they slept on, deep in the burrow,  in ignorance of the cleansing wrath that was soon to be upon them. The caverns were deep, indeed legends abounded of treasures and whimsy in their depths. But those were tales of children. The Guntmen- posted watches had been silenced long ago, and the hammer was ready to be dropped.

When the Avengers silently but swiftly plunged into the dark caverns, blades and torches raised as high as the morning sun, Karnath was ready to smash these reavers, these lawless northmen.

In the torches somber and hellish glow, the Guntmen were revealed to be butchered. Not just butchered… turned into bloody meat… and by their own hands…

As confusion and the first trickles of fear swept the Avengers, the cavern entrance rumbled, and the sunlight was diminished, blocked, by a form, a shape.

Then there was blood, terror, and fear. For the golden age of the southlands has come to pass, ushered to part with a shriek of inhuman mandibles, an eldrich, sallow glow, and all-too human hands, pale as ghosts, born of a torturous, cthonain world of night.

The Lost Ones have returned to the lands of men.

#3 Officer Adia Ukpo

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Adia is the science officer of Valkyrie squadron 4.  She has a much more academic background than the rest of the girls, currently performing research for her PhD in robotic engineering.  Her work on the Valkyrie squadron supplements her research.  Easily the most analytical of the group, Adia can be counted on for her knowledge and strategy, but to some she can come off as a bit cold.  At best, she is the resident voice of reason.  At worst, she’s a proverbial Vulcan.


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A story about a little boy’s toy created by his great, great, great grandmother in Eastern Europe in a time when the supernatural was believed more than in today’s times.

Tweek is made of cloth, mechanical trinkets and a little bit of magic. The magical doll speaks, walks, fly’s and interacts only with Sam.
Tweek can alter time and realities for only a short period of time in order to go on adventures.

The toy was created centuries ago and only turns to life for the boy. Sam’s father and his father’s father and before also went on adventures with Tweek. The magic is that the toy only comes to life for the boy at the time with blood relation to the great, great, great grandmother. Once they hit a certain age, the boy will forget that Tweek can come to life.

Sam discovered his toy’s abilities after a visit with his parents to the old country of Ukraine where they went to spend time with distant relatives.

#2 KluKluxKlank

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#3 Robert Quibral

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From Lilly’s Blog

Caution: Toadie at Work

If you talk to Robert Quibral he will tell you about how important he is to Ephton Valley and the big places he’s going. He wears expensive clothes and is impeccably groomed. The thing he does not realize is that he always has been and always will be a toadie. Everyone else knows it, poor Robert just hasn’t caught on.

In school Robert would act like he was too busy hanging out with cool kids to make time for anyone else. The more accurate description would be this: the so-called “cool kids” only kept him around because they could get anything they wanted from him. He was a tool that came at the relatively low price of having to let him hang out at their parties. Not that he did much more at those parties than stand in the background, laughing at their bad jokes (most of which he probably didn’t get) and agreeing with everything they said.

In grade school he was the hall monitor. He let the cool kids come and go as they pleased while ratting out the rest of us any and every chance he got. In high school his parents bought him a car and he immediately became the designated driver, chauffeuring his “friends” to and from parties. Rumor has it he would even drive couples up to Cole’s Point, the local make out spot for teenagers, and go hang out by himself in the woods while they had sex in his back seat. In fact, I think the only person not to get laid in Robert’s car was Robert himself. But he never passed up an opportunity to talk down to the lunch ladies and janitors or brag to the rest of us, as if he actually had any status. He was truly the worst and most pathetic type of toadie. If he did not have such misplaced arrogance I would feel bad that everyone, including his “friends,” laughed at him behind his back.

The trend continues to this day. It should come as no surprise that after school Robert hitched his wagon to Blake Lewis, the local Mr. Moneybags of Ephton Valley, the self-proclaimed prodigal son — no I’m definitely getting ahead of myself here. It’s really too early to get into my opinions on Blake Lewis. We’re talking about Robert, king brown noser (the Khrises would use more colorful terms to describe how much he kisses up but they may be too blue even for this blog). Robert would say he is Lewis’s right hand man. A mover and shaker in the “new empire.” A jet-setter. Someone important and on the rise. Apparently, being a right hand man means getting Lewis his coffee, dropping off his laundry, answering his phone and yelling at concierges to get Lewis a better room “ASAP!” My sources have also spotted him jet-setting with Lewis’s dog around the block and cleaning up after it.

When I last saw Robert he was with “friends” at my parents’ restaurant. He screamed at Manuel the waiter for under-cooking the steak. He babbled some nonsense along the lines of “I’ll have Mr. Lewis shut you down,” before sending it back. Manny was happy to take it back to the kitchen but he was even happier when he brought it back. Robert acted like he had achieved a major triumphant victory as he bit into his steak. I cringed. The kitchen staff laughed behind his back.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.

#2 Zarruk Xeon

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#2 Zarruk Xeon Last Survivor of Tanigor

Zarruk Xeon is the last survivor of the planet Tanigor. A world much like the earth in size and population. Tamigor was protected by a group of super heroes. Zarruk was among the most recognized and respected among them.

The planet was devastated by a Cyber Lord and his army of Foot Soldiers. Looking to expand his growing interstellar empire, this Cyber Lord invaded Tamigor. But this world was heavily populated with super beings who fought back. The battle rocked the entire planet. With heavy casualties on both sides. The planets heroes couldn’t withstand the Foot Soldiers larger numbers, up to billions. The world was eventually completely destroyed, with all life extinguished.

All life except Zarruk Xeon. It wasn’t his super strength, durability or flight that saved him. It was his ability to absorb energies. The energy staffs of the Foot Soldiers actually made him stronger. But not strong enough to save his world, his wife or his children. Zarruk Xeon is now stranded on a dead planet. Searching through the rubble for a way off it. His only driving force is to avenge all he has lost by the hands of the Cyber Lords.

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Geoffrey de Belair

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Silver metal vampire

Geoffrey de Belair is one of the seven crusaders who entered the Damned city of the Coldine. Now his destiny is intertwined with his evil French Brother Gaston de Monfort. Who will be the victor in this event that has spanned centuries?

Geoffrey is the main protagonist in the soon to be  “DragonBorn” comicbook series. Richard Macpherson has magnificently spun a tale of intrigue and adventure laid in the foundation of historical reference … It’s been an honor to be part of this project …. check out more at

#2. Atoman

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For my second entry in the 30 Characters challenge I went to the public domain, which I’ve done many times before in creating new characters. This is Atoman.

I made a few minor alterations to his costume to make him more “my” version, but for the most part I stayed true to his original 1940s design.

He was essentially a superman analogue whose powers were explained as being “the powers of the atom”. If I ever use him in one of my stories I’ll try to come up with something a little better than that. I thought about having him exposed to atomic radiation, triggering his latent metahuman abilities.  Or something like that.

Atoman (this version) (c) 2010 Michael Powell

#3 – Cloë

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy.

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Doctor! :D

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doctor guy! 😀 he was around the time of the pneumonic plague & i’m being lazy & not really writing much more except he’s super serious about his job. the. end. X3

#3 ballbuster

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women cry his name when they are in need of a real hero!
men cry his name in fear!
animals do not cry his name as they cannot speak!

Bob Ballson was a quality control worker at his father’s rubber ball manufacturing plant when a bolt of lightning struck a line of radioactive balls he was inspecting. Then BLAMMO! there he was, covered in balls!
Ballson has teh proportionate strength, speed, and endurance of a superball!

#3 Fairy Hunter

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#3 Gregory – The Stitchworked

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“You’re not the only one. We’ll be here, chosen just like you. A stitchworked-gang.”

Gregory is not what he appears to be.

He died only a few months prior, his body was beyond repair of modern medicine. He’s not sure how he died, but he does remember being dead. For some reason Gregory’s soul would not move on and clung to his decaying carcass. He was surprised when spider limbed women appeared and started to stitch his flesh back together. So excited at the prospect of life he tried to reenter is body but they cut his soul free. Enraged, he refused to let go. Grabbing the thread that would bring his body back together he pulled himself back inside.

The Sisters of the Stitch were very surprised that the newly created Husk had a life of its own. They were also none to happy.

Gregory has since gone out and stopped several other Husk creations, forming a gang of stitchworked misfits. He says he is chosen, they are chosen. His purpose is unclear, but he continues to be a pain in Joshua’s side.

Gregory is part of the Stitchwork Universe, a story I started to develop during last year’s challenge. This story went on to win cover feature of the Mysterious Vision’s anthology over at Small Press Idol with the help of my collaborator Silvina Rinaldi and editor Amanda Orneck. For more details stop by and check it out.

Day 2 – Odinson

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A warrior of true Viking lore – Odinson has taken on a quest to protect the mortal world after finding two enchanted blades, named after Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn!  Imbued with superior strength and god-like tenacity for war!

#3- Yoro the floater

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#3 Skunk

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Villainous bandit, moldy rascal, wretched thief, rump-fed miscreant, roguish, dizzy-eyed malcontent…this brutish oaf has been called all these things, but answers only to Skunk.

Why Skunk, you ask?  Stand down wind of him for more than a spell and you’ll find out.  If flatulence were sport, his name would be legend.

As it stands, he’s a man you don’t want to cross.  In the employ of Gulliver, a man who carries himself as a charming old ring master of a traveling circus, he is really the head of the largest criminal syndicate of thieves, kidnappers, and assassins in the Four Kingdoms.

Skunk is a character who will soon be making an appearance in Tears of the Dragon, my fantasy webcomic.  Koko Amboro does a great job with character designs and will probably give Skunk a nice makeover, but I wanted to give him something to work with.

Check out Tears of the Dragon online here, or snag a copy for your iPhone or iPad.

#3 – Dr. Marlowe

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Dr Marlowe discovered that there were other dimensions parallel to our own. He also discovered that these other dimensional beings, while invisible, had the ability to affect our world. He developed a method to communicate with the other worldly beings and learned from them that it was possible to travel between dimensions. Dr Marlowe received instruction and constructed a device to transport him to the other dimension. He activated the machine and vanished in a flash of light. He reappeared 7 minutes later… torn to pieces.

The lab assistants did their best to keep the doctor alive. They only managed to save his head. Miraculously the doctor retained all his knowledge and memories. Unfortunately he only has the ability to communicate through a biofeedback machine that can signal “Yes” or “No”.

Despite his immense handicap he has been able to explain what happened during his time in the other dimension. It was a wicked and unbearable place populated by hateful beings. He was captured and enslaved by an evil being named Thotica. Although it seemed as though he was only gone for 7 minutes, he was tortured and tormented for 50 years before returning to the laboratory.

He and his lab assistants work to prevent the wicked ones from traveling to our dimension.



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Hero/Villain With the head of a horse!

trotting comes HORSEHEAD!!!

#3 d’Etoile

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And in entertainment news, shock rocker Martin d’Etoile of goth metal outfit Mourningstar made it official today – he’s a member of the International Church of Satan!  Long rumored to be little more than a hate-spouting poseur with a penchant for pop demonology and barely legal groupies, d’Etoile took a step toward credibility with this bold pronouncement!  Riding a crest of critically and commercially successful musical endeavors, he outlined plans to put his celebrity weight behind the Satanic Church ’s recruitment campaigns and humanistic philanthropy.  And he’s apparently walking the walk!

We caught up with the controversial frontman after the impromptu street concert that followed his press conference, where he temporarily joined his bandmates in their media code of silence as they personally passed out food, clothes and, yes, even CASH to attendees, all of whom also walked away with armloads of Church literature!  D’Etoile offered only this as he passed the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi en route to the idling seat of his Bugatti:  “I make dreams come true! And nightmares for the rest of you!”  Is he finally making good on his claims of being an agent of the Antichrist?  Or is this just another publicity stunt designed to break more sales records?  Find out next week in our face-to-face interview with Martin d’Etoile, brought to you by the U.S. Army – BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!

#3 Kali

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I know, she’s supposed to have Four arms. Or is it Eight? No, no. It’s Ten. Wait, I have no freakin’ idea. My version gets Six arms because that’s how many different weapons I thought up. Done and done.


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An Imaginary Tale!