#4 – Knotty Nikki the Knock Out

| November 4, 2010 | 5 Comments

Knotty Nikki the Knock Out

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Nikki has been training for the big time since she was able to find a pair of gloves to fit her; which hasn’t happened yet. She’ll give a new meaning to the word rope-a-dope. Knotty Nikki is not your ordinary girl; she’s not made of flesh and bone like the rest of us. No she’s something a little more raw, tough and fibrous. Nikki is made of rope from head to toe. Mr. Fantastic ain’t got nothin’ on her.

Nikki is wearing on her head a bulky boxing helmet that completely envelopes her whole face, so you shouldn’t be able to see much of anything except the whites of her eyes, tip of her nose and maybe her lips. Protruding from the helmet you see two pig tails extending down to just above her shoulder; the pig tails will consist of long unraveled pieces of rope (some frayed). Her neck, shoulders, chest and torso area consist of rope that is coiled to form the shape of a very thin female. Nikki is wearing a fitted sports bra and a pair of mid-thigh, baggy boxing shorts; you are able to see the rope that makes up her body. Her upper arms are formed of rope that is wound around in a twist and knotted at the shoulder and elbow. On her hands you will find a very large pair of boxing gloves, they appear much to big for Nikki. Her thighs are formed of a smaller rope coil that knots at the knee. On Nikki’s feet you will find a pair of large boxing boots. Nikki being completely flexible in her stance, would be able to take on any dynamic pose for her pre-fight photo, so have at it and she’ll leave her challengers all tied up.

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  1. Bobby Timony says:

    AWESOME. I love it.

  2. Gary Lister says:

    ROCK. ON. Sweet, sweet pencils.

  3. kevstees says:

    Yea the pencil work is awesome

  4. Tyler James says:

    These are too awesome. Love the concept. Love the execution. You Pattersons are a helluva team!

  5. atombat says:

    Fantastic design work. 🙂

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