#4 Zoain the Songstress

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Name: Zoain the Songstress
Species: Werewolf
Age/Sex/Race: 17/Female/N/A
Main Goal: Find a new home and family.
Occupation: Songstress/storyteller
Motivation: Grief, anger
Inner Need: Family and companionship
Flaw: Too reactionary, too gregarious
Good/Bad Habits: Religiously maintains her posessions and her own appearance.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: An excellent singer and player of the athnilute, as well as a very skilled hunter. Very stealthy.
Quirks: Very protective of her prized athnilute. Will go to great lengths to ensure its safety.
Attitude: Optimistic
Dialogue Style: Very fast and loose grammar, plenty of double-negatives.
Backstory/Description: Zoain was the daughter of Ranoan, the alpha-male of a werewolf tribe. She served as the tribal story-teller and entertained her fellow wolves with her singing and playing of the athnilute (a made up two-stringed instrument). Her life was relatively simple until her father was challenged and slain by an outsider, Zonande. Zonande became the new alpha and took Ranoan’s mate as his own, as is the natural course of werewolf politics. Zoain, however, was overcome with grief at the death of her father and could not bring herself to accept the rule of the man who killed him. The very night that Zonande slew her father she ran away to find a new home.

…and then she met Jeffery and they teamed up to travel the world fighting monsters and shit and fell in love and had three kids somehow! Yes, number #4 lives in the same ‘verse as #3 (right here -> http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/03/3-jeffery-caldwell/), and I originally conceived them as teaming up as an unlikely duo. Just to clarify a few things: werewolves in this setting are fixed in the anthropoid form, this picture takes place in the Custwood, and the athnilute is a two-stringed instrument I made up. Also, I’m up to my neck in projects these days, so the next couple of characters might be late. I’ll do some catching up/getting ahead this weekend.

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  1. Interesting. I never thought of werewolves as candidates for singers but she makes it look like it works.

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