Day 4~ Cozy

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Cozy and Squidian

Cozy is descended from a long line of necromancers, in fact she is part of the ninth generation in her family.  Each female was born with a different breed of necromancy power.  Cozy’s mother, Snug, had great summoning potental but only for suicidal minions.  Thus her mother would summon a creature and send it off to her death while she waited in the background.  This took its toll on her as a mother and she raised Cozy from afar.

Cozy’s full name is very long, combining the first name of each primary necromancer female in her line.  This makes her full name Cozy Snug Corlite Moltavi Von Fortana En Eclipsa Mono Elspacefe!

Thats right, she’s an Elspacefe!  It turned out her Greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat Grandmother Liley, was actually the first to be born with this power!  It was thought at the time that Liley had a mutated power but infact it was just her Necromantic Narcaleptic Nocturnal Nightmare power kicking in.  She would put people to sleep and they would have the most horrifying dreams, so horrifying that there minds made them forget it and no one figured this out for many many years!

Cozy’s specialty is to summon Squiggly Wiggly Slightly Slow Friends.  She also wears an overly warm and soft cultist robe made of fleece *cough*snuggie*cough* and makes her ‘friends’ wear them to!  This probably has to do with her mothers distant personality.  At least this way she feels warm and soft on the outside even if shes a little under loved on the inside.   She does have her friends though and as long as they’re with her shes fine!  Pictured above is Squidian Wigglebottom her best most handy caped companion!

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