#3. Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Since time immemorial, Fenris the Great Wolf has loomed, his existence more a reminder than a threat of the inevitability of Ragnarok. The Gods know how the world ends.

Fenris is a god in the form of the wolf, a wolf as large as a mountain. Some say he was the progenitor of the werewolves– if such creatures truly exist.

In a way, they do… because known to few, Fenris the Destroyer has six sons. Like him, they can appear as mere wolves, or as giant dire wolves, but they exceed him in their ability to appear much like gods or men as well.

Perhaps most fearsome among his children is Dark Skies. Like his father, he’s a bringer of chaos, and an under-miner of best intentions. He is the Great Wolf of foul weather and ill portents. It is simply not possible for Dark Skies to appear without a terrible storm arising, wild enough to make day look like night.

He is a great grey wolf, almost as large as his mountainous father– or merely twice the size of a normal wolf. His dark grey fur is wet, and messy, always drenches with rain and blown by fierce winds.

He is a great, grey man, a mountain of strength, with long shaggy grey hair, and dressed in grey clothes that mock the upper class but tousled and dingy. In our era, he’d wear a suit, but it would be faded and wrinkled. His hair would be curly black, with some grey, covering much of his face messily.

He is a rising storm. The low rumble of thunder in the distance.

From the series Huginn & Muninn by Black Label Comics. Created by Ian Struckhoff. Art by Jonathan Wyke.

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Writer of Black Label Comics, including "The Deathlings: Anne's Story," "Huginn & Muninn," and "The Dark Age".

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  1. KingGolem says:

    Son of Fenris, eh? Cool stuff, cool indeed. I like how this guy looks like some kind of rich hipster who just rolled out of bed. He would make a very unique supervillain indeed.

  2. atombat says:

    This could be Ringo Star. 🙂

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