#4 – Extier

| November 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

Extier is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo.

In times almost forgotten by the race of mystical instruments a celestial force tried to completely control their world of Musica. The celestial being used only one soldier… Extier.

During that prolonged and difficult battle, Extier was a force of nature. He seemed to only live to consume mystical instruments and was immune to sound-based attacks. This being is the sole reason why the society and culture of the instruments incorporated physical martial arts into The Way of Sound. To this day the mystical instruments commonly use their rough and faded memory of Extier as the archetype for all that is evil and to be utterly feared.

Aside from never controlling urges to destroy and consume mystical instruments, Extier tries to be a personable guy. He has a streak of perfectionism and constant physical self improvement. Recently he’s taken up studying simple joke telling as a way to interact with other species besides fighting and eating. He’s quite bad at it which often leads to him feeling inadequate which leads to him destroying the being that didn’t appreciate his attempt at humor.

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    The story is very cool. I love the way you’ve made the character both colourful, gritty and overpowering. Good job!

  2. Thank you, Jande. It’s great to hear when the story and the character have a hook or feel that captures interest! 🙂

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