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Another character from “Königreich der Welten”, his name is David and he is a classmember of  Martina.

Allways on the fly and being one of the better students David doesn’t seem to be the guy for online games but when listening to Martina talking to a friend about the new game he asks her if he could join her group. Very soon everyone can notice that David is only in a hurry because he does play a lot of those games but the others don’t mind at first, because David turns out to be very well informed about everything in the game. This isn’t bad. -Or is it?

Actually yes, because he becomes a powergamer who doesn’t play for fun but to win and the other members of the group start to lose theit fun either. When David starts to  argue and to insult groupmembers they decide to leave the game. He doesn’t care because so he is able to keep the’ group’ the way he wants.

David tends to be a bit clumsy and a loner.

I had his character allready a long time in mind but never knew how to draw him. I didn’t want him to look like a typicall nerd but I’m not sure if he doesn’t look to normal now…

I fear his hands are to small

Ciao, till tomorrow

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  1. I love this character. Great energy and a very likable character all in all even with his tendency to power game. Good human aspects make for great characters in my humble opinion.

  2. Crystal_Flash says:

    I’m glad to hear this ^^
    Thank you

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