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A brilliant scientist in the field of computer engineering, Jon O’Colvin comes to the uPAST and the Solar Lab by way his home country of Ireland.  When the United States Government inked the deal with uPAST to help fund and protect Dr. Hennric’s solar energy conversion research, Jon was one of the first new scientists to be brought in.  Dr. Hennric already had one of the most advanced super computers in existence. However, within a six months, O’Colvin and his team had rebuilt the entire system and integrated the new self aware L.U.N.A.R. [Localized University Networked Autonomous Research] computer system into the entire uPAST computer network (which itself was and is technology far advanced beyond any other computer system in the world).  With this new powerful computer system the research has advanced forward at a light speed pace (excuse the pun).  O’Colvin now maintains the  L.U.N.A.R. Computer as well as writes and applies daily upgrades and improvments to ensure that when the energy conversion system comes online the computers will be able to handle all the data that it is sure to encounter.

Jon O’Colvin himself is a quiet man who tends to keep to himself as much as possible.  He works long hours every day, typically never less than 12 hours, and never overlooks even the smallest detail. He is liked by everyone in the lab even though he rarely socializes with anyone, with the exception of the L.U.N.A.R. computer who he has an obvious strong connection with.

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