#5 – Sidh

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It never fails. I always end up being influenced by Lovecraft. Characters that have to deal with their own mental instability and inner demons as well as physical monstrosities are very interesting to me.

Sidh is a character from my book entitled; “Full Black”.  Sidh is an inhabitant from deep below the surface crust of Earth. His purpose is to warn the remaining people that live on the surface of the impending destruction in the form of the great ancient ones which destroyed and enslaved his people.

I did the layouts and drawing and character creation here and my good friend JME Wheeler did the colors. I love what Jme did with the ghosts.  Made me very happy!

Copyrights Ethan A. Slayton and Jme Wheeler 2010 yadda yadda yadda, yakkity smackity!

Category: Fantasy, Horror, Superhero

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