#5 – The Effigy

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Ages ago, it was a mere statue that stood outside the walls of the academy, beyond the confines of the township, and further out than what was considered to be “the outlying areas”. Over the decades, no generation ever laid claim to erecting it nor who may have done so. In fact no one could even remember who it was an image of, complicated by the years of erosion leaving the head of the statue featureless.

All that remained in the collective memory of the township was that the statue represented someone to be reviled. So year after year, on the same day in the early winter, the populace would travel to the effigy, light fires in the nearby pits, and spew forth their revulsion, their anger, and their hate upon the effigy, as they had done for as long as they could remember.

Until the year the effigy, imbued with the hatred from thousands of hearts, stepped down from its pedestal, and began its search for its true history. And none would stand in its way.

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Still have more to flesh out, backstory-wise. But this seemed an appropriate character to create for Guy Fawkes’ Day.

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  1. Dan Jensen says:

    Really interesting concept!

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