Day#05 Sarah Sorry

| November 5, 2010 | 3 Comments
#05 Sarah Sorry by Jande Rowe

#05 Sarah Sorry by Jande Rowe

Well, she’s in trouble again. Not surprising. If she isn’t getting into a scrape once an hour or so, her family would think the world had come to an end. She doesn’t mean to cause trouble, she just rushes into things, and she’s always repentant afterwards (well mostly!). That’s why they all call her Sarah Sorry.

It’s her insatiable curiosity, overactive imagination, and abundant physical energy that help her into (and sometimes out of ) trouble –especially in a world where all three attributes are frowned on and particularly in girls.

Boys are often encouraged to be loud and rambunctious. Her two older brothers certainly are, but Sarah must “behave”, “be quiet”, “sit still”, “stop fidgeting”. This repression makes her clumsy and nervous. It drives her crazy! She wants to play ball, go fishing, climb trees, build tree houses, chase cats and squirrels, and when she grows up she wants to be a fireman! Fire Engine Red is her favourite colour.

Her best friend, Rain, doesn’t want to be a fireman. His favourite colour is pink, he hates sports, and when he grows up he wants to be a scientist and discover the cure for cancer. Sarah thinks that would be nice, but that rushing into burning houses and saving people is a much more noble profession.

Maybe, by the time Sarah grows up, girls can be anything they want. And so can boys.

This Character has no particular place in any of my stories or comics. I was teaching myself to use Manga Studio EX4 this morning and she popped out. Perhaps she and Rain have stories of their own to tell.

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  1. Malveka says:

    What a sweetie! The kind of child one can truly admire – curious, imaginative, energetic – especially when they’re not one’s own to look after. 😛 Love the expression on the doll’s face!


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