#5 Kamau “Longhorns” Okeke

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Name: Kamau “Longhorns” Okeke
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 29/Male/Black
Main Goal: Destroy all of the Tall Ones once and for all.
Occupation: Hunter/Gatherer/Superhero
Motivation: Survival
Inner Need: Glory
Flaw: Rash, slightly arrogant, careless
Good/Bad Habits: Willing to help those in need, but rushes into things without thinking too often.
Secret: That he is the superhero Longhorns and how he got his powers through grave robbery.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: A decent hunter/gatherer, knows how to make crude explosives and smoke bombs, super-human strength, speed, and jumping ability.
Quirks: Collects spears and always has one on his person.
Attitude: Jovial
Dialogue Style: Casual, not very eloquent, several jokes of varying levels of lameness.
Backstory/Description: The people of the Majani Grasslands live in fear of the Tall Ones, giant monsters of dizzying variety that all come from the West somewhere to terrorize them. Kamau Okeke was just a simple hunter/gatherer on the Majani Plains until, dissatisfied with his demanding way of life, decided to try supplementing his income with grave robbery. He would dig up the few bits of gold and copper jewelry people were buried with until he thought he’d try exhuming the grave of a long-dead shaman. In it he found a strange, horned head dress and tried it on. He found it gave him super strength, super speed, and the ability to make incredible leaps in the air. Armed with the magic head dress, his collection of spears, and the knowledge of crafting explosives he’d learned from a travelling merchant, he became the hero Longhorns, devoted to slaying the Tall Ones and protecting his people.

Yeah, how you like that? I missed posting yesterday, so this is the first of two. I’ve always liked the idea of superheroes in other cultures than American, so here’s a superhero in a pseudo-African setting fighting giant monsters. Yay!

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