#6 Annihilator

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Annihilator was chosen from humanity to replace Vagabond (yesterday’s post).  He was allowed to keep all of his memories, and opinion with he understanding that his mission was clear cut, and any time he strays too far from the mission that he’d have his powers stripped.  He was to uphold peace on an intergalactic level, and if he ever comes across Vagabond he is to bring him back to the fold or kill him.

As a human, Annihilator aka Rylan Corman was a police officer, so he was used to trying to keep the peace.  Now with the ability to travel through space, his ‘jurisdiction’ is a little bit larger.

One time, several years ago, Annihilator and Vagabond did meet.  It was not the outcome that was supposed to be.  They joined forces to fight off an attacking force of Sartents who were attempting to destroy a non-spacefaring race of primitive people.  After they drove them off, Annihilator tried to tell Vagabond what his masters had told him, but Vagabond wouldn’t listen and disappeared back into deep space.

Old feelings and connections keep Annihilator close to his home world in order to protect it, mush to the dismay of his masters.

Annihilator’s powers are almost the same as Vagabond’s.  While Annihilator does not have the same weakness of Vagabond’s.  Vagabond actually seems to wield power greater than Annihilator as his human form cannot hold the kind of power Vagabond has.

Also, Vagabond went up on the fifth but it was REALLY late.

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