#6 Mad Daxta

| November 6, 2010 | 2 Comments

Quisling.  No other nomenclature suffices in reference to my former colleague of the sinister sobriquet, Mad Daxta!  Only the most base among us sour gifts for the general betterment by twisting them to tools for the satisfaction of desires best obscured in minds tranquilized in jailed cellars.  Surely you are familiar with the street lore accompanying this name, but, hear these words:  the reality of Daxta’s firmament in dark history is yet to be discovered except by we who faced him.  The power of rail transport we employ loosed the ego-wrought chains on this beast’s hunger for children.  Realization of abduction undetected empowered him to ACT!  And he did.  Granted free reign and sanctuary by the enemy, Mad Daxta rampaged, privileges all received in barter for intelligence on our methods, our roster and our base of operations.  The turncoat led point on the ambush of Grand Central, our extra-dimensional staging area, and he murdered his share of us and the Flagman as well.  With the enemy now returned, I sense that it was Daxta unleashed them again, and so I go now to seek him.  And to annihilate him.

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Category: Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Scifi, Steampunk

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  1. KingGolem says:

    Cool, evil hobo. Nice narration by the way. I had no idea what it said the first few times I read it. You really have to FOCUS to decipher all that fancy language.

  2. Kelly says:

    Extra cool! (He could use some Compound W !)

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