#6 – Skek Ru

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Skek Ru is a Hako. He lives in a mountain valley far below the land of the Shib.

The Hakos live under frequent assault from both the spirit world and the truly immense, powerful creatures of the Under Forest. To adapt to such conditions, the Hako society developed an elite warrior class: The Hako Fist.

Born to a family of Hako Circle Tenders, Skek Ru was raised to farm, fish, and support the village as a laborer. It wasn’t until his late teens, while
studying part time to be an artisan when Skek Ru discovered his talent in battle. Dozens of Mud-Bone fiends attacked the village while the Hako Fist were at the far edge of the valley on a dangerous mission. Skek Ru’s desire to defend his home exceeded his fear which gave him focus to improvise defenses for the village. Beyond these tricks and traps, Skek Ru had to face many Mud-Bones with his bare claws and tail. He saved the village that day and as a reward, Skek Ru was made a member of the Hako Fist.

Now highly accomplished in battle, Skek Ru still has no rank within the Hako Fist. The ranking warriors of the Hako Fist disapprove of what they consider Skek’s wild and undisciplined ways in conflict. Out of conflict, Instead of seeking to test his strength among the Hako Fist, Skek Ru celebrates each living evening with the artisans and other non-warrior Hako. As insulting as such actions are to the ranking Hako Fist warriors, Skek Ru’s astonishing skill is so evident, it keeps him from being expelled from the Hako Fist.

Sent on a fools quest, Skek Ru is told to find the source of why the valley is under near constant assault. To the ranking warriors horror – Skek finds it. At the bottom of the valley’s deep lake there’s a living, glowing Shib Tree of the Great Forest. It emanates such an intense power and strange magics, creatures and spirits wish to feed from it or to kill it. Is this the Shib elders way of keeping trouble away from their precious Great Forest? Could it all this strife be their doing?

Skek Ru can’t sit idly with such questions – certainly not when he knows the Shib have the answers. Skek Ru sets out to face the dangerous spirits and creatures of the Under Forest, the Great Forest, and the treacherous Shib.


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  1. Rob, you cease to amaze me. Simplistic yet so detailed. Love it!

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