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Tyler Choe suffers from autism. Aside from that, he is superhuman in most respects. He is impervious to physical harm, and his strength can be compared only to a towering crane – a big one.

The only real connection to the outside world is Tyler’s fascination with superheroes. In his mind he has created the persona of TYLERMAN, and he will only wear clothing with his insignia, a diamond shape with a capital T inside.

Blindsight encounters Tyler during a fire in the sanatorium he spends his days in. Tyler helps Blindsight free a few people from the fire, before he drops back into his dreamworld again.

When Simulacrum joins the team, Blindsight decides to add a strongman to the lineup, so that someone would be able to use the objects Sammy turns into, someone able to wield a 140 pound sword. However, no superstrong hero is willing to join the ranks of the “limited power”-team, and so Blindsigt decides to give TYLERMAN a chance.

Tyler ultimately only agrees because he likes the coincidence that Blindsight is also called “Ty”, and often will make jokes about “big Ty” and “tiny Ty”.

TYLERMAN cannot cope with the world as it is. He is easily overwhelmed by exterior sensations and will then withdraw into a catatonic state. In order to fix that, Nevermind is brought on the team to aid Tyler in processing the sensual input, and ultimately showing him how to interact with the world.

On the downside, as Tyler is eventually cured of his condition through Nevermind, he chooses to leave the team because he reasons that as an invincible hero who can function without the team, his presence would destroy the team, since he would soon become dominant. With him gone, the team quickly has to say goodbye to Nevermind as well, and other heroes along with him.


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Sam is a prized comicbook artist from Germany. He is co-founder and head teacher of the first free school for comicbook arts (est. 2003), located in Munich, Germany.

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