Day 6: Angel Dust

| November 6, 2010 | 1 Comment

Angel Dust blows her psychotropic drugs in your face.  She’s often invited to Raves, but she’s susceptible to a double fine if she’s on school grounds.

I came up with the idea for Angel Dust after talking about old WWF with some friends.  I always thought it looked so cool when Mr. Fuji blew salt in peoples faces.  Also, I remembered this girl my cousin “dated” and she claimed she was a witch.  She would do the weirdest things, like put her hands up to her face and pretend like she was blowing stuff at you.  Then of course angel dust played it’s roll.  When I was a kid, angel dust was the worst drug you could possibly do.  We would hang out in the park and talk about all of the stories we heard about what people did while they were on angel dust. Angel Dust is PCP, which isn’t a psychotropic drug, but she’s make believe, so I don’t think it’s imperative that she actually blows PCP in your face.  It’s more fun if she blows drugs in your face that make you crazy to the point where you think you can fly!

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  1. KingGolem says:

    So she can just do that at will? Cool power, even cooler inspiration story.

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