#6 *Somnia*

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Today only  a pencil drawing because I’m still unsure  about the colors.

Okay, this is *Somnia*, another admin of my story, just like crowN. Somnia travels as a fortune-teller through the game, testing the other players from time to time by asking for small favors. If the players act appropiate *Somnia* has the power to forfill one wish of them like upgrades, pets and so on. But if not *Somnia* can become a real nightmare (by the way her name means “reverie/dream”).

Because Somnia’s eyes are closed most of the time many think she is blind an do not take her seriously. She only open her eyes while being very happy or very angry.

Her admin headdress represents the so called “third-eye” and can change it’s color due to Somnia’s emotions. Her  moon accessoieres  show her connection to magic.

Unlike crowN she is not able to transform into an animal but her skin is white as his.

The user of *Somnia* is a friend of Martina but doesn’t tell her because the last admin who did tell his real name soon had a lot of problems with gamers who wanted to influence him.

As allrady said I’m not sure about Somnia’s colors yet. I will need some time to try out.

See you tomorrow

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