#7 – Betty from Planet Bomb-ardia

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Betty from Planet Bomb-ardia

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Meet our distant neighbor from the Beta Sector. Her name is Betty and she is but one of the beautiful locals from planet Bomb-ardia. Betty enjoys long flights in her interstellar transport vehicle as well as visiting the Garoom Lagoon and riding the ridiculously large Binipedes that are native to that area. Betty is considered one of the most sought after beings on her planet because of her many natural endowments. If you are interested, she can usually be found at the Central Whak Hub, enjoying a serving of hot chug and reading the latest book.

Betty stands about 7 feet tall with long beautiful locks, similar to snake tails. She has a beautiful heart shaped face with three oval shaped eyes, long lashes; a small nose and mouth with large lips. She is shaped similar to a human female with the exception to the fact that she has three breasts, a long tale that resembles an Octopus tentacle, a voluptuous body and fingers numbering three. She should be very attractive per human standards.

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  1. Bobby Timony says:

    This is very well drawn. Nice angle. The tentacle tail is disturbing.

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