#7 Tarot

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Tarot aka Marat Matthews is one of the most ancient Cruetalans on the planet, second only to Nightmare aka Dreamwalker.  Matthews was born over 2000 years ago, and has lived in virtually every corner of the world.  He is very knowledgeable about society, customs, and is fluent in over a dozen languages, and several now instinct ones.  Marat and his family hold a deep, dark secret.  An ancient evil, even more ancient than his own bloodline taints the Matthews clan.  He is one of only a handful of clansmen that have fended off this taint.  Most of his family was killed off over the centuries by his arch-nemesis Nightmare.

Marat has accumulated a huge fortune over time, and now lives on a large estate in the north west and mentors a team of Genetant heroes called The Centurians.  His niece “Steel Pulse” (to be highlighted soon) has been with him and his teammates, and against them over time.  Now she stays away from her uncle (for now).

Tarot and his fellow Genetants work against great odds to keep evil Cruetalans away from the rest of humanity, for the power a single Cruetalan is enough to level a large portion of a city, and easily kill ‘regular’ genetants.

Marat is a powerful sorcerer (as most Cruetalans are), but is peerless is his arcane knowledge, and only one other (Prophet) is even close to his vast knowledge.  He is also very quick, and physically fit, having trained for decades in various martials arts.  Tough he rarely relies on these skills, he has them to ‘fall back on’ if the need should arise.

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